Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. I mean she did crush RPL single handedly right?
  2. Also how does one jump shark, and what does this entail.
  3. It's referencing happy days when the character fonzie jumped a shark and the series had nowhere to go from there.

  4. Mmmm rpl is still around
  5. I just took an arrow to the knee
  6. Laelyr is a great person. She is one of the first did an organized merc'ng. She did a great help to the KAW community. She help and teach new players how to be kind to each other and help struggling new players to stay. I bet still many players today play because of her saving their EB and clans. They where in osw against RPL my guess over jealousy who is better mercs. I think that osw is stupid. Merc'ng is not about who is better but to help new players gain gold to upgrade. Before ML we used to mercs by watching WC only. She made it better. OSW or not you got to respect her help on the community. She did more good than most here including moderators. She's a good person and a friend be nice if she comeback some day and continue her legacy.
  7. Musang dis osw not Mercs thread
  8. Classic.. weren't u in RPL when they osw'ed with ML?..

    Laelyr did teach folks how to fight as well.. I do respect the teachers and mentors in Kaw.. (Like Galan_Dracos)..

    I was fortunate enough to be mentored by Blazey and Belle and Alice 
  9. Barely.
  10. Didn't really notice if this very very old player is around

    imarabbit and his Rabbit Alliance

  11. Awe thank u Ashes, that's nice of u to say️
  12. Thanks for the mention Ashes, keep up the good work.
  13. imarabbit also was called NobblerBunny and then -icedOut- . i ended up fighting him about 3 years ago for about 2 months .Because wolfie cryed to him.
  14. Rabbit was ex Army of Anubis. From memory he was kicked for repeatedly hitting his own family. He got bored if we weren't warring with someone else so would start on his own for giggles. Didn't quite fit with the clans ethos so he went on his merry way and created rabbit alliance. He still frequently visited as had lots of friends at aoa.

    Rabbit was a tenacious warrior. Im not sure if he still around. Ain't spoke to him for a few years.
  15. Roni anyone u fight just laughs at ur 95% failed scouts
  16. Grymln i hardly ever scout .unless they are dtw every other way .Despite our difference in stats nobody ever talks about you being a good fighter.But i get praised enough ( even sometimes by apoc ) to not care what you say about me .You are just a vile oaf .
  17. Then why respond roni
  18. Just so people know you are a big liar grymln
  19. Let's be honest. Roni plays her character very well.
    It's why so many don't like her.
    But every forum she is on whether it's about her or not, people have to respond to her and trash talk about her.

    Like it or not. You all gave her a rep and she obviously is good enough at annoying many people to deserve a place on a tribute to osw players.

    So simply put. Don't trash a great thread because of a dislike for a player.

    I don't know roni well enough to like or dislike her.
    I have warred against her and she is tenacious but had limits. Sensible ones I can respect.
    So like her or not or anyone on the list.
    Show some respect or put it in their news feed.
    That's what this thread is about after all right?

    Awesome thread ashes. As always.
    It's threads like these that makes it still worth visiting forums.