Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. bruh lmao
  2. "Yo where is that ashes OSW thread?"

    "Just page one of AT no biggie"

    "Man bunp it I'm too lazy to scroll"

    "Gotchu fam"
  3. Stop yourself. You've become an embarresment to yourself recently. 
  4. Still a great thread ashes ..think its the best one you have done so far.
  5. Can't really be embaressed if I don't care what people think about me. I'm just me and at the end of the day that's all that matters. But you and Roni hiding behind a phone screen, insulting people for no reason, with your only goals to start drama. You are the ones who should be embarressed. That you have to act differently and hateful just to feel better about yourselves. But meh what do I know.
  6. Pimping aint easy ! Everyday it's a struggle to stay ahead of the game , if you aint tagged up or coloured up, you just blend in with the rest of the lames !! That's why i strutt around in hot pink. Add a kooky screenname and i am blingling !! i am one fine adonis, if i dont catch your eye now then its your loss , i am a dreamboy come true , iif you play your cards right. ill make you my boo.Come chat & mingle ladys , the name's unicorn wattz :- come slide in my p/m's ,and i'll make you my world . i am one badddd boi ,you know ya wanter get closer !!! well i am not really, but it's the role i choose to play since i cant be accepted any other way. Have a fab day Miinny , but if ya want a piece of this baddd boi then let's play !! Ur m8 roni came last nite , so i stayed ducked low, cuz dats wat i do ! Cuz i lean like a cholo !!
  7. Oops ,sorry Ashes wrong thread !! Over to Static's cypher thread it is.
  8. Hey all.. I'm travelling a bit so will update this in a few days..

    In the mean time, here's an old memento/tribute of Kaw history..

    I saw this photo long time ago.. I still think it's awesome..

    Bellemorte's fighting alts.. 
  10. Wattz is fat?

  11. She was ridiculous lmao
  12. That was a memory to remember. Right after mod-ifer Osw.
  13. Here you go Ash, I'm signing your Yearbook as requested.

    Many of you have wondered if I quit Kaw.
    Answer- No. I've always been on kaw.

    Another question is am I the Legend?
    I'm Majesty, I'm the only one. In fact the one in this one and many other forum posts.

    Now, for you doubters, how many alts do you think I had? How many did you know for a fact?
    Fact is, this account was an another alt. Several names, it had in its life time. The most popular was Cristumwarlock_USN, and TYR's_Protector. List goes on...

    After TYR's Last Osw which was 5 clans full against a handful of Kaw Finest Loyal warriors. The list consisted of Mod-ifers, Holy Vanguard, Regulators, and the other two I forget (as I am an old man). I'm sure you kaw history buffs can fill in the other 2 clans... Most thought I quit at this point. Wrong, I never left. So quit with all your tests and endless questions. I've farmed for less...

    After that Osw, I joined AAH. While there I created 7LoH. Think our first Osw there was against Yafi. After that ended, I created the sub clan that made kaw history and killed clan after clan. Those were the good old days...

    Make no mistake, I never left, and now back to take back kaw and give it to the warriors.

    All for one, and one for all.
  14. Too much work just for osw. Although these are some boss a-- people much respect.