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  1. Roni stop lying. You don't know anything that we did cause you weren't there. Ruthless never disbanded we just vacated clan. The premise of Ruthless is We fought with our closest friends only, we only allied with those that we treated as brothers and sisters. We fought WHOEVER we wanted. We all decided Growth>Sitting in clan while everyone else grows. The clan is still there I actually am in possession of it. So again just stop you really look dumb trying to talk about somethings you uabe no clue about.

    This was a great edition all biased aside. Alot of people I have grown to respect and a few people I'm glad to call friends were added here. And Ruthless, beautiful clan, not one person in Ruthless wasn't family to me. We accomplished goal after goal and proved ourselves whenever anyone tested us. Without Ruthless no doubt I wouldn't be playing this game anymore. To all my brothers and sisters, I love you all. To all the haters, Love you too :)

  3. [​IMG] Dont even bother to lie wattz.it says clearly there established june 2016. it was full of apoc osw runners .The reason it got abandoned so quickly was because kotfe were hitting all of the unloyal ex apoc osw runners in the clan.

  4. Ashes, sometimes I fear you have too much time to yourself. Awesome pics.

    Watts, don't even attempt to try to outwit the lovely Roni. She has more KAW knowledge in her pinky than you do in your whole....whatever you are. You won't be able to succeed in making up lies.

    I talked to Roni on the phone once. It's was awesome.
  5. No need to lie, sadly Roni thinks she knows about a clan she didn't pay attention to. She just wants to make an excuse to try and hate on me like anyone would actually believe her lmao
  6. Lmao lol yes lol. Someone should have asked you to leave this thread by now. Surprised it hasn't happened.

  7. I think we can all agree KaW has changed, alot. OSW has changed as well, not for the better. Anyways point is, Roni learn to grow and change with the game like everyone else. Or just go back to retirement but all you do is get pinned by half of kaw and hit us from pin. This is the last time I will mention your name :)

    You aren't worth my time
  8. The reason i know all this info about --ruthless-- clan is because at the time he was telling me it all because it was the same time me and Skinnyminny had been sticking up for him when purpleeyelash was slandering him . This was when i was in Zaft corps clan .He even sayd he wanted to join Zaft.But he is not to be trusted because soon he was seen in apoc .He was a spy trying to get info for the runners in ruthless.Then he started trying to impress kotfe by insulting me for being in Zaft corps. Lucky Kotfe /apoc were wise up on him and soon dropped him for being a spy. So really no side should trust him he jumps around and uses everyone.Trying to act the big man by constantly lying.
  9. Thankyou WillyDeuce Merry xmas.
  10. ohh look wattz all you can say is about stats when busted in all your lies. i've farmed obnoxious and you dont hit back at all.My fight stats on all my accounts kill yours so shut up peewee.
  11. wattz trust this everybody knows you aint even acceived nothing on kaw. You cant even compare to me .You are just one jealous idiot . And stop trying to act and talk like you are american . You are from europe.Stop pirating another countries street slang.You look stupid saying it all .
  12. This

  14. Willy!

    1) We miss you.. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays..

    2) As with most fighters on Kaw, I'm an ADHD multitasker.. it's not that I have more time, I just use both hands

    One of the Greek philosophies is to try to balance the Logos and Mythos in life.. so when I am busy in work conference calls (Logos), I try to have some fun coming up with fun posters from the westerns "myth" (Mythos).. ofcourse I can't do that when I'm in actual in person or videoconf meetings
  15. Thanks Ashes, once again great thread!!
  16. Waiting for mine 
  17. Very interesting poster Ashes! You are a legend in the forums I am very honored. My poster is way better than Ajax's dont you think :lol:
  18. Oh heyyy there who are you again?
  19. Ashes Galan_Dracos should be here also. He is not as active right now but one of original Foxes. He is not as flashy as Joe_ but probably train Joe_ along the way