Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. Roni's to do List

    1. Pretend I'm Gud

    2. Bring up information from 2010

    3. Annoy everyone by talking in wc

    4. Give wattz a headache via bad trash talk

    5. Run away if anyone calls me out in wc
  2. Wattz everybody knows my mouth can go on for days.So you look stupid saying that.and facts is you dont return inc.You go straight into the eb.Even when they been hitting you for hours.You play dead.You just stated in worldchat that roni is not worth hitting back LoL.Why's that ??! Everybody else smaller than you we have all seen you acting the big man in wc saying they scared to hit you as if you sooo intimidating NOT.Yet i hit you and you slither back in your coccoon .Yet never admit they been getting billions from you .All you say is failing on you but not ever admitting they took 6b + from you.That dont sound like a failure to me.
  3. 1. Yeah you just pin yourself why should I bother hitting you.

    2. You took 10b from me. I'm making 5.8B a hit. Tell me why that matters to me?

    3. All you want is the drama Roni we all know it. So instead of feeding your habbit I'm gonna go back to ignoring you because to my life you're irrelevant.
  4. Way to kill a thread freaking kaw rejects
  5. How much more lies you gonner tell wattz.i am clanless i aint got no eb to hit. There you have it wattz dont pvp he is strictly a diehard eb fan.The only time he talks big is when he is trying to impress so he picks on smaller accounts .Yet when he was a small account he never ever challenged anyone or spoke nasty to anyone.Wattz big stats dont make you a man. A real man has the courage to speak up even without having stats to back him. You are a big fake wattz copying everybody around you in how they speak and act.Yet friends like you just the same if you are timid . Drop your fake front wattz.
  6. The 10 times osw runner and traitor bootsy has arrived.
  7. [​IMG] rounding up osw runners like bootsy.
  8. It's a pity every post obnoxious/ watts posts on this thread is trying to make it all about him.

    Lame way to try become known. Try something else.
  9. Times like this I wish I had some popcorn.
  10. I will provide you some good sir
  11. Did we just become best friends?
  12. Yes I think so
  13. Don't think santa gonna come to any of you
  14. Nice work. I have fought with and against pretty much all on that list.
  15. http://imgur.com/eNFSKMp
    http://imgur.com/hz3wcGA it took me ages to find a screenshot of my old main account which was put out of action february /march 2015.But as you can see i'm not a fan of steals .My favourate move is assassinating ! i couldnt send screenshots because pixels or too large so had send this way.
  16. Yes please stop hating blazey. Noticed you've been fibbing a bit. Ive also encountered same problem with people preaching about others but doing the same thing they r claiming opponent is doing, even if he or she is not.
  17. To be fair almost everyone here myself included is a hypocrite.
  19. Very cool stuff ash. Not gonna bother with what I think bout who is tough and who is not. Ty for this thread