Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. I've seen that. On one of todds walls I remember seeing watts begging for a cease fire.

    I remember thinking it was a bit odd, since Todd is such a joke, I can't imagine anyone begging him for a cease fire.

    Watts/obnoxious did though. I saw it.
  2. Classic he says she says. So sad to see that this has come to that. Oh look I saw it I swear I would never lie. Just go back to where you belong. And if I ever asked him for a cf then I really must have not been acting myself or tiny just starting again
  3. Ashes
    Thanks for the mention ️

  4. lol ..I told you he did. Not only that, but he cried about how crappy his RL was lol 
  5. Lol nailed it ashes
  6. Same person
  7. I see what max did there lol
  8.  lol ...heres SS of him admitting he gave me nothing but failed inc. also him crying about his RL. Will post SS of him begging for CF later 


  9. Don't ever trust someone that uses t-mobile
  10. Or iPhone
  11. ..or someone who says he'll post ss later but doesn't.. or one who doesn't get sarcasm..or those who crop wall ss like it isn't public to take things out of context?..zZz

  12. lol whats taken out of context? ..those two statements stand on their own ..no mitigation needed, unless one is dense such as yourself. The only thing that i left out is his begging me to stop hitting him. I was going to let him respond with a denial first before i posted it. ....ill post it at my leisure now lol. Damn Max sure did make you butthurt lol, again dont take it out on me. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  13. Alcatel much?

  14. Boost Mobile much?
  15. Insulting someone's cell carrier? Now that's legendary osw smack right thurrr...
    I have "rhymes wit" shyzen and good credit but I really pay 100$ a month to play kaw and look at dank memes

  16. Nice additions ashes keep em coming ..its great seeing old osw fighters ,those that still play and the noobs that are trying to make a name for themselves all mentioned in one thread 
  17. Dude my sarcasm is so good that I fooled him? What do ya know. I mean he could just be dumb. And everyone fails, At least I admitted a failed a few times more than normal. Seriously dude try again.
  18. You fool noone with your fake act Wattz .
  19. I don't act I'm just me.