Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. Lol wattz retire m9
  2. Again?
  3. The music for the last batch is David Bowie - Cat People (Putting out Fire)

    As you may know, I try to capture the "vibe" of the player/clan group in the posters with the scenes from the westerns..

    And also capture each batch's vibe with a music pairing.. (I know.. most music is "old".. but I will NOT do a Justin Bieber pairing in an osw thread!)

    Please try playing the music (or any of your fav music) and look at the posters and remember the players, the fun and shenanigans we all had in the clans and you will find that the posters will come "alive"..

    Unless you are playing Justin Bieber (or Yanni).. that's EB music..
  4. He tried. First it was retirement, then self-harm, then a pity party. He's like the high school girl who continues to chase the big bad jock but runs away when things get bad, yet always comes back.
  5. Like this?

    *Note.. I am not getting off topic.. I'm merely illustrating Milone's views..
  6. Definitely 2 posts we would all opt to read before yours ;)
  7. Ngl perfect example of me ashes I can't lie That's me in a nutshell
  8. Wait wait.. that was my illustration of What Milone thinks of u..

    Here's my illustration of what I think of ur highschool allegory self..

  9. <3 It could not get any better than that Ashes how can you always have the perfect envisioning of things.
  10. I think arkst deserves a poster. He seemed to always be in a clan that was in the middle of some off system squabble.

    Also black hand ambulance and iss hulk smash and for anyone who remembers undygrundy from the original wog, he was permanently a kingdom at war.
  11. thought black hand ambulance was last rights* ambulance lol.

  12. lol he cried on one of my walls to stop hitting him because his RL was so bad :D :D :D
  13. finnbarr I really don't think that ever happened quit lying
  14. Look at me I need to hide behind a statless because I'm afraid of what people will do to me in a game lmao
  15. lol ...it did happen i mentioned it in forums before. I think i still have SS or actually have it on the wall still. Ill check. Lol 
  16. Sure sure I'd love to see this myself
  17. I've seen that. On one of todds walls I remember seeing watts begging for a cease fire.

    I remember thinking it was a bit odd, since Todd is such a joke, I can't imagine anyone begging him for a cease fire.

    Watts/obnoxious did though. I saw it.
  18. Classic he says she says. So sad to see that this has come to that. Oh look I saw it I swear I would never lie. Just go back to where you belong. And if I ever asked him for a cf then I really must have not been acting myself or tiny just starting again