Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. See these eyes so green
    I can stare for a thousand years
    Colder than the moon
    It's been so long
    And I've been putting out fire
    With gasoline

    Feel my blood enraged
    It's just the fear of losing you
    Don't you know my name
    Well, you been so long

    See these eyes so red
    Red like jungle burning bright
    Those who feel me near
    Pull the blinds and change their minds
    It's been so long

    Still this pulsing night
    A plague I call a heartbeat
    Just be still with me
    Ya wouldn't believe what I've been thru

    You've been so long
    Well it's been so long
    And I've been putting out fire
    with gasoline
    putting out fire
    with gasoline

    See these tears so blue
    An ageless heart
    that can never mend
    These tears can never dry
    A judgement made
    can never bend

    See these eyes so green
    I can stare for a thousand years
    Just be still with me
    You wouldn't believe what I've been thru

    You've been so long
    Well, it's been so long
    And I've been putting out fire
    with gasoline
    putting out fire with gasoline

  2. Okay 2 things

    1. You used the same picture twice

    2.For LSA Snowden isn't there yet I have never heard of Madie hitting back and when she gets hit she cries for someone to hit for her...
  3. 1. Fixed! Thanks 

    2. Yea.. I got more posters for the clans that have been longer as it's hard to fit like 20 names on a poster..️️

    I am trying to balance a poster being "cool" while trying to cover as many clans as I can and not have too much repeats yet..

    I cannot please everyone.. most forumers would have stopped at page 1, I got more to come.. it is a labor of love and token symbolic posters..

    If anyone have suggestions, please post or pm me.. the thread moves forward with more names..

    You guys all know this.. if I take out names based on pm's I get on what people think should not be here.. there will not be a single poster!!!

    So if you are thinking "so and so should not be on here", please help poor Ashes out and give 1-2 names of who you think should be on before thinking who shouldn't! 
  4. Support to the troops. Good job.
  5. So much awesomeness! Thank you Ashes!
  6. MadieLSA was in a very big osw viewtopic.php?f=11&t=108800 .Stop trying to find fault wattz when there isnt none . And Madie took i think 2-3 years break from kaw due to school i think. What osws you been in wattz the champ ? i cant recall you been in any .just bounce in and bounce out do a few hits then go elsewhere.But run your mouth as if you killed the enemy clan single handedly.
  7. That's so true. Wattz kingdom by the numbers is a classic example of hte built trailer trash.
  8. Roni and Alison
    Kaw doesn't need you to be the 2 bit lying historian that you are. Go enjoy your retirement we don't need you digging irrelevant topics from 2013. Just because some clans don't have big mouths and don't post all over forums doesn't mean fights happen. As it appears 90% of the time you two are cowards hitting me from pin. You love and crave for attention and that's something of mine that has more value than to be wasted on you sorry.

  9. As I said. By the numbers. Hte built trailer trash as can been seen by the win / loss and the stats that go with it 
  10. Yeah skinny I changed accounts because this was gonna be an EE only account but I made it into my main through a few trains. No point in not doing it it's so easy to grow. So of course I don't have the stats that I would if I never changed accounts.

  11. Wattz you know nothing i joined Lsa in roughly july 2012 and did 3 osw for them .i know about this big osw because hearing about it all prompted my interest to join.LSA was a fun group of people. I feel sorry for you Wattz you are only known as merc legion rub a dub.You are just jealous of SkinnyMinnys legacy history so you try hate on him because you cant compare.
  12. Lets be honest wattz you are leeching on me and Skinnyminny fame.Everywhere we are you appear talking about us.And you were the one self pinning in the eb.What you say about others is a fake scenario trying to impress wc and forums and wall readers. The reality of it is it is you self pinning first before doing pot shots.
  13. You came and started drama. You started way back with purpleeyelash and you cause drama now. You feed off my attention but I'm done now. Goodbye

  14. WattZ lying again back then me and skinnyminny stuck up for you when you was getting slandered.But you turned into a little squirt.Using words that arent your natural personality.So to speak facts wattz you aint worthy to be on this thread .Nobody knows of you in kaw osw history .You are Garbo !!
  15. Those are all the members of the original LSA. An era before your time. This is a thread to remember the past so i volunteered the older LSA.

    Learn your facts before you want to spout off please.
  16. While I nornally would agree I was simply pointing at the fact that Inc from her is almost non existent. Even when I fullbarred her on accident.

  17. You full-barring someone doesn't mean anything lol. With Madie, anything is possible. She may have been offline and came back to clan spam and not have seen it. She did manage to hold her own in a war that you couldn't of had the same effect. She's got sand whether or not she chooses to fight you.
  18. Whatever you say Milone I would hate to derail such a great thread by Ashes.
  19. Is this what I was like 4 years ago? :lol: