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  1. Says the noob who doesn't want to lose fake currency.

    Why would I bother hitting someone so afraid of inc?
  2. Bfa or lack of such doesn't matter in this discussion of battle sts. For me not carrying bfa is just a personal preference. For one, I greatly enjoy opponent' effort when my mp is being stripped, as my defensive stl count reflects lol Unless u use tools to protect bfa, it's nothing but vulnerability and a lot of rl time wasted. I personally don't like tools. This game isn't hard- if u need tools to feel like a winner than u should uninstall it. In times of war, after acquiring any bfa via strips, I either have it hired all at once or drop it, that is if enemy doesn't strip it in 2 weeks, we always hope they do though..That way I can keep using funds as intended rather than being worried about random hires (Im against ANY ally market rules) or banking so my lb rank doesn't drop god forbid..i like to put money I spend to actual use, not lb ranks. Time required to keep up with bfa and interruptions of my precious sleep makes it unworthy. Too much work for a tap tap game lol A bc spy can be effective enough against lb without any bfa, not to mention your average joe.

    On the other hand, If devs would separate pvp actions from pve, a lot of those on the list won't even be here. Same goes for those who requested cf in the past.

    I wish they made some type of 'loser' badge for those who posts (or posted before) cf request on walls or in forums. As it is right now it's hard to say anything certain just by looking at battle sts, but some do make it too obvious. Look at amie/donno - check out those offensive assassinations count, and tell me it's not a prime example of a fairy lol

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against fairies - it's their game and they should play it as they pleased. But don't run around boasting your chest calling your self a warrior if you prefer pve.
  3. Thank you. I remember few years ago when u were consistently active, you were that attack build with the highest attk defensive sts
  4. Todd, do you have any hobbies? If you do you would know that most of the time those require spending money. Cars, painting, fishing, collecting, boating, music, sports..I mean, when I got into snowboarding I spent 1500 just on gear, not to mention season passes, maintenance of that gear etc.. I can go on but I hope u get the memo. While anything in access is a sign of desperation, low confidence and other issues, there's nothing wrong with spending some money on Kaw, good for them they have disposable income. It's simple really - Kaw is a hobby for many of us
  5. My parents warned me against Internet keyboard warriors like you. You know, the people who come to the internet and roleplay their failed dreams?

    It's simple, Todd. Just prove it. After all the lies you've spouted, exaggerations, and times you've changed your story, it's extremely difficult to believe anything you say.
  6. Leaked video of BLAZEY snowboarding..

    Freeze frame!

    *I hope I made some Sailor Moon fan really happy
  7. she looks cold.

    but i don't care.
  8. WoW Ashes that's just how I picture Blazey with Adam's apple 
  10. LOL don't Even Know how to write in forum  but Yafi fought well vs us - and not many inc scout by Yafi - but many inc Att - steal and assa potburned me a lot