Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. Steph has never been veritas.

    Also I vote Logic for tribute
  2. Steph was in Aequitas and maybe I'd seen her when she had been visiting Veritas .I know she moved on to a regulators family clan.
  3. Thanks for the support and suggestions everyone!

    Will update a batch in a bit..

    If this thread helps you to remember a memory of something or someone in osw, I am glad to have made this thread

    Even if your memory doesnt exactly match someone else's
  4. Love the second batch Ashes 
  5. Ashes will you adopt me please?
  6. My tribute would be to two awesome fighters that have personally schooled me, Delorme and Ahdragos, you learned me well guys!
  7. Nice thread :D liz bathory love <3
  8. love the updates Ashes

    but ya know i gotta pick at the 3 pics for one person under her many guises

    look forwards to more trips down memory lane
  9. I never made the list somehow the last 6 years was a waste
  10. Where am I?

    Thread doesn't count if I'm not on it TBH.
  11. <3 Westiee <3 and 100GZ
  12. One free hte seal to anyone who can accurately describe what this pic is ....thanks for playing 

  13. Ventress volunteers as tribute and is bringing mewtwo on team instinct

  14. @Suptis ...wrong guess again lol
  15. A pig was slain, and the pig ate the monkey before it was slain. The pig was then eaten, and it contained a very deadly disease that wiped out the whole world. That is the last person on earth crying because they no one hits back on kaw
  16. A Bacon Love Story Part 5...
    (ghost written by Suptis)

    Wrong again lol  ...keep guessing (free seal)
  17. Looks like a roni or pig (meh, same thing)
  18. Wrong ... aight ima gibon jall 1 hint has to do with OP (lol) 