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  1. lol damn so much butthurt i guess youre mad cause u didnt get one huh? (I couldnt care less ...take mine down please lol) ...here u go Word 

  2. hush up, finnyboy. you know you missed me. its okay to admit it. i missed me, too.

    btw why would i be mad that i didn't get one? when is the last time you saw me going around bragging about what an awesome badass osw warrior i am? :lol:
  3. Im trying to leave this thread lol ....if you stop talking about me i will 

  4. lol noone said you were a warrior (of any type) ....but theres your poster lol
  5. i'm a lover not a fighter; you ocpd havin, takes a double dose of medication when you forget your morning dose of lithium, wannabe spragga.

    your mother never loved you.

    at least...

    ...not the way she loved me.

    although i heard your dad did.
  6. Lame lame lame lol ....what did u once say to me when i smack talked yo momma? .....let me dig up the quote 

    .....go drink a beer "Ace" lol
  7. hey hey hey. i did NOT smack talk your mother. it isn't her fault she never loved you. she is a wonderful woman. the problem is that you are just so....unlovable.

    i did sort of trash yo daddy though. it was a bit of a low blow to imply that his standards were so low.
  8. Super butthurt about how stupid you are, here I'll break it down to you in sections why everything in this post of yours is just absolute stupidity.

    No one said you had to explain yourself, I was content with my assumptions. I found them to be amusing ideas and I'm sure others did too, it wasn't something that needed to be disproven or even proven as true.

    I have just it was 5 years ago and after being stripped by iG for having a hiring war to keep a friend (I may have failed a few steals, maybe some attacks as well) I didn't really care to build up bfa or ally trading. Again perfectly content doing what I was doing at the time, getting into the ca of iG.

    For someone who runs a licensed restaurant and invested in the food and liquor industry you seem not to know the cost of alcohol is regional, only the tax is a steady constant. But besides that even then at that weekly spending you've probably sunk more into this game over the last couple of months than I have in 6 years total (it's around 900 dollars) so congratulations to you for finding more entertainment to value ratio than I see this game being worth.

    I'll spend every now and again but it isn't something I plan out on a weekly basis.

    So you're busy managing a small company or franchise you own, but you're on KaW constantly at the same time. Sounds like you're a lazy sack of crap and probably have people get things done for you because you lack the mental and physical capacity to do so yourself.

    Regardless if you're KaWing while doing RL that's still time put into the game, those two events of KaWing and being what you present as a scrub manager don't exist in separate time counts, it's the same.

    Again for someone in that industry you're very ignorant about it (yes shocking I know) some casinos hire red seal chefs, I'm going to assume you have 0 idea what a red seal is so I'll simplify it for you. Red seals are given to people who have mastered a trade, culinary prowess is a trade.

    The more I think about it however it's strange, I've only worked as a dishwasher once in my life and that was in the summer, but I was doing weekends because I want to upgrade my computer but not stop having to put money away from my forklift job.

    Other than that I've mostly done labour jobs.

    I think you're projecting again because I've never wanted to work in any kind of food industry, I like making food but only with the intention of immediately eating said food.

  9. :D :D :D ....i knew it lol
  10. ...can u help Word get a job? U wash he dries? :D :D :D
  11. Todd should post with his main or g t f o. The guy's a weasel and a coward more than anything.

  12. CATFISH!!!! 
  13. If your main is so high up then you have to spend on kaw also. Sadly, Todd, you wouldn't be a credit card warrior... more like a credit card fairy I suppose? Not sure. I mean you've openly admitted to being an eb fairy.
  14. Well that's unsurprising, cutting context to try and call me out like that, it's sad really.

    Look I get it you're too stupid and hanicapable to even do the most basic of labours.

    I worked 2 jobs one as a evening dishwasher on the weekends getting free soda and cheap triple O burgers, sure got me in a bind that I admitted to myself.

    Some of us value putting in a good solid contribution at work, not my problem you leech off others progress because you lack any ability to contribute to society.

    Try actually coming up with something with some weight behind it, until then keeping using my nf as an escape from having to think of an actual comeback that isn't full of idiocy. It's far too much fun to make you squirm like this.
  15. @Mangy dog ..imf funds strips are u, he, or anyone gong to deny that? Thats why he spends so much RL cash im makng trillions upon trillions a day. Hes no where close to my BFA value ....dummy, think before you type 

  16. lol

  17. lol u know u can attack back right? ...so butthurt lol
  18. U people ever going to let me leave this thread? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  19. Says the noob who doesn't want to lose fake currency.

    Why would I bother hitting someone so afraid of inc?
  20. Bfa or lack of such doesn't matter in this discussion of battle sts. For me not carrying bfa is just a personal preference. For one, I greatly enjoy opponent' effort when my mp is being stripped, as my defensive stl count reflects lol Unless u use tools to protect bfa, it's nothing but vulnerability and a lot of rl time wasted. I personally don't like tools. This game isn't hard- if u need tools to feel like a winner than u should uninstall it. In times of war, after acquiring any bfa via strips, I either have it hired all at once or drop it, that is if enemy doesn't strip it in 2 weeks, we always hope they do though..That way I can keep using funds as intended rather than being worried about random hires (Im against ANY ally market rules) or banking so my lb rank doesn't drop god forbid..i like to put money I spend to actual use, not lb ranks. Time required to keep up with bfa and interruptions of my precious sleep makes it unworthy. Too much work for a tap tap game lol A bc spy can be effective enough against lb without any bfa, not to mention your average joe.

    On the other hand, If devs would separate pvp actions from pve, a lot of those on the list won't even be here. Same goes for those who requested cf in the past.

    I wish they made some type of 'loser' badge for those who posts (or posted before) cf request on walls or in forums. As it is right now it's hard to say anything certain just by looking at battle sts, but some do make it too obvious. Look at amie/donno - check out those offensive assassinations count, and tell me it's not a prime example of a fairy lol

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against fairies - it's their game and they should play it as they pleased. But don't run around boasting your chest calling your self a warrior if you prefer pve.