Tribute to OSW Fighters

Discussion in 'Wars' started by AshesOfEden, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Awesome stats GRYM.. assn def w/l shows a unique aspect of ur build.. they had to assn ur troops as well.. good stuff!

    Thanks for posting!
  2. Your allowed to get others to attack me if your scared blazey like before
  3. Ash I'm starting to think this whole thread is about you wanting to see girl on girl " engagement "
  4. K I'll go lol options still open blazey no idea what option tbh 
  5. Like before? Are u drunk?my owner is not me lol I don't waste my time on those who can't walk the talk. Life, sleep, boredom - whatever ur excuse is, u shouldn't run ur mouth if u won't stick around for consequences, imo.
  6. that explains EVERYTHING!
  7. It's walk the walk I did it been there done it lol
  8. You had people hit me lol could not do yourself
  9. I know u have. But things have changed for u, as of about 3 years ago if I remember correctly. To my surprise tbf. FYI one doesn't have to be kawing 24/7 and losing their sleep to kick someone' ass. It's not hard lol U just never tried it
  10. Myself? I never had a problem with u lol I don't even know why Ven had u down as a farm. But it was funny to watch, even though u didn't last long
  11. Ven was funny I never lost being ps duh he prob had hots for you or summat did kinda feel you put them on me tbh
  12. Ven was a asshole as were u
  13. Corrective text on forum was meant to say you both I didn't like because where ur poo comes out that's what u were
  14.  and not one smile 
  15. Ok okagain, whatever floats ur boat. Go back to life, since u can't keep it separate from kaw lol
  16. I would have preferred my name to sparkle, maybe have ribbons and balloons around it and such but barring that I appreciate the mention Ashes.
  17. I only put what other people nominate Ultra..

    Wait.. that didn't come out right..

    I am also glad to see your name *moonface
  18. I like this thread.

    Thank you for doing it. :)

    Good job!