Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. As long as you promise to give it your best effort Miss Blazey, I couldn't ask for anything more
  2. Moles. It's an osw thing, u won't know. U cry too much to miss ur kaw life storieshad no idea who u were until I saw the whining u unleashed on ur own clan mates
  3. Nothing but :)
  4. Hmm on page 7, Lady Ash tries to kiss Roxy while she was in "discussions" with BLAZEY..

    70 pages later. Amie tries to send kisses  to BLAZEY..

    Neither kisses were accepted (just for the record)
  5. Here's DrPinky's battle stats..

    I am thinking I'll also update the other page of SS and link it from the first page so that people can "critique"

    I do like the steal def win/loss row Pinky has
  6. Steal def wins are awesome cos u know ur enemies lost a lot of spies and they had to wait longer to regen or rage xtal.

    Ahh.. the little joys of off system fighting..

    As I mentioned before, there is great joy knowing that there is an actual player (or bots sometimes) that you have caused some human reaction on them..
  7. Honestly, Amie could have potential. If only she dropped the drama..it distracts her to the point of going to a clan by her self to pin on rowb for days without any outgoing hits..and she needs to learn some fight mechs. Maybe then she could apply her persistence and anger to making those fairy sts look more like pvp. Fight mechs are not that hard Amie. Read belle' thread. Very good thread and very few things have changed since. It's all based on ur build vs opponents build.
  8. Awesome thread Ashes. Kick ass as usual.
    Huge support
  9. I don't know how to send pics in forums
  10. Blazey you never did anything without backup just saying
  11. Ok magoo..ur inactive opinion is noted lol
    Last time I saw u ran ur mouth, u ended up crying about hits on my owner's wall, dropping attk build and going inactive. I'll quit kaw the day an opinion of someone like u matters to me :)
  12. Lmao

    Delusional ppl talking to themselves maybe
  13. This is top 10 of Ashes forums posts, this has legs and staying power. Congrats and thank you for what you bring to forums.
  14. I'm pure spy I drop attack stable time to time it's a tactic it pops back up now again have u ever played kaw ? Yes life's busy I go away for a time that's why I'm this build I pop in now and again when I choose to you stay protect allies need to be 24/7 while I'm snoring and can wake any moment and steal you maybe not you but someone 
  15. Love life kaw is not important
  16. U still can't kick my ass cough cough
  17. Awesome stats GRYM.. assn def w/l shows a unique aspect of ur build.. they had to assn ur troops as well.. good stuff!

    Thanks for posting!