Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. Punching bag

    Please feel free to post your battle stats or pm me if you don't know how..

    It's all for fun
  2. That's what KaWs supposed to be - fun 
  3. I wish I had all my stats from before my resets. There were some huge wars there where I really got pounded. Lol
  4. I was essentially a Pure Evil lust toy for a few months, then moved on to being a Black Hand lubricant for some months, and then over to a ZAFT body building bag for about a year. Then I reset as a bomb, came back and then went on to name change and that resounded in me getting brutally pumilated in my glory holes for a year or so by various clans.

    Woe is me.
  5. I still have the link to our original website from Pure Evil. That clan was so fun.

  6. Obvious eb sts on that swindler 3 and not even her own work lol since when is it cool to show off stats u didn't acquire your self? Smh
  7. Off to bed although it's morning here in East African Hawaii just saying I can take all of you at same time with my thumb up my ass 
  8. Those stats were aquired farming your clan last osw blazey you can't earn swindler stealing any eb. However, I do agree that Donno will always remain the best osw warrior that you or any one will have seen. He could stalk and strip someone without the help of spreadsheets and remain unstoppable and unstripped without the help of alarm programs. Unlike many "warriors" listed here.
  9. It's where I keep my phone
  10. Still need photobucket to upload screenshots? @ashes?
  11. Photobucket or Tinypic..

    Make sure you use an *cough alias.. ️️
  12. Lol u wish..u were more preoccupied with drama, to the point of being hated by ur own alliance. Yes, basically by everyone lol Did u get kicked? Was it because u cried so much? Fair question cos I've never seen so many tears about inc haha We did upset u enough to xtal quite a bit, but u preferred scouts (not sure why lol) while earning top plunder in ebs, and combine the ppl u can hit in my clan - they never received 175k stl losses in that war lol not even 20k from one person..u got ur badge over a year ago. Magic! Be realistic and tell us what was the stl count when u got that acct? don't lie cos that win/loss and offense/defense ratio says otherwise. Can't reason with delusional u though.

    Lol donno was nothing but a hire hitter. Like chubby said - he represented everything KaW players hated about zaft. He didn't hit me back when I ran xtals on him in 2012 and he didn't hit me back when he returned to KaW and nobed that little hansel of yours lol please..
  13. Blazey maybe you can show your stats love.  Just the other day you were playing at trying to farm lounge and the only return fire I could get was leatherneck and a few of your clannies. I think your memories might have become distorted. If Donno didn't waste his time on you in 2012, my guess is he felt you were not worth the effort and had bigger gnats to squash. Try not to be so upset, it's just a lil fun game.
  14. Farming lounge of legends is fun xD
  15. Blazey it's a bit stalkerish though that you have followed the kaw career of Donno and myself so closely all these years. Maybe you should get outside hobbies.
  16. I hire hit too notn wrong with it
  17. Damn amie how did u get 78k scouts lol
  18. Ew don't send me kisses, everyone knows where ur mouth been..

    In 2012 my lb bank was on Zaft's ca. Zaft was at peace. But ebs were more important of 'gnats to squash' for u rp buddy lol I couldn't fail on u I'm sorry..I'll try harder next time k? Don't u worry, there always will be next time :) the amount of crying our 'trying to farm' LoL produces every time is impressive, u just a bit late to the party. I don't think anyone who enjoys farming will be able to ever give up such opportunity
  19. Scouting ur ass lmao Adding some real offensive actions to those eb sts she 'inherited'