Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. Lmao, when I look back I have you, dis, sucker/night, nic, spyder, tornado/red, wib, archy, DC, belle to thank, yall were hard on me. A girl had to break the chain. And then the pupil became the master and BAM a roxey was created and she was all like 'suuuppp hobos, yall gonna word-die cos I is gonna eat up your dignity like yo' momma likes to get down and dirty'.. or some stupid crap along those lines.

    Point is... you guys.. yall are the best of kaw. And no nub/noob/newb/boob/tool/pretend-badboy will ever never ever eveeer be able to take that away.


    Smh. :lol:
  2. Damn! That's like 10 more old school posters I gotta make meow

    I do miss them 
  3. What a roll call ! I think J.B of Osiris /Kotfe should be on it ha. I always imagine him as a middleman talker like a sheriff always trying to bring about peace to both sides .if this never happened he'd charge in and get dirty ! Also last rights Sugah .And Steph of 7DS/Regulators/Veritas and -Dante- of Regulators/46 & 2 and LaLa .
  4. Donno-the-First...
  5. Awe u must be drunk - never seen you being so nice in publicI remember the very first day I moved from BH ca into the actual clan. You were so friggin mad! Cussing in cc, throwing insults at me and whoever let me in, till dis or sucker or archy told u I'm a member now..u just went quiet, prolly raging in their pm and then left clan for a bitahhh memories. We had great time, miss u, the mouthiest lil pest! But I'm glad that ur last 'I'm quitting forever' didn't really work as planned haha We should do FF again soon!

  6. Lmao!!! Omg I remember that! The bit where you think I was raging in pm actually went a little like this...

    "Archy, it's your Queen roxey, I can't be hanging out with these BH peeps bruv,im coming back to Pure Evil, they let that square jawed Russian vodka slurping tool back in and took her off ca, I don't like double standards bruv, open the champers, sing from the heavens. Get nekkie, roxey is coming home"

    I never liked you after that for about a month... Then I fell madly in love with your damn perseverance and resilience.

    I couldn't imagine a kaw without you <3
  7. Ohhhhhhh and and Blazey!!! FF will be soon, real soon. <3

    And yeah I'm high man.. I won't be thus nice tomorrow
  8. Love the second batch, Ashes. :)

    Shhh Roxey, kiss me.

  9. Ash. Dude. Not here too :cry:
  10. Great read as always ash
  11. -SS-Goddess_of_Love-SS-
  12. Good likeness, reminds me of.... me. 
  13. Wol goddess of love is a osw runner { from iG and kotfe ).SE Jennifer and A8 Deni A8 have osw in their blood and can teach us all how to bring it !!
  14. this is so wet
  15. Great thread as usual bro
  16. You all nubs 
  17. In their blood? lul wut

  18. Aella! <3

    You just well jell!
  19. Good Read

    -Baby Hombre was here