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  1. I think most of these people are not warriors! out of the 100 or so people you have said I could name maybe 25 that are warriors or had been before they retired. Great thread has been a fun read! Seen a lot of names I had forgotten over time :)
  2. Great additions ashes ..awesome as always !
  3. I agree with very few of the machines.. imo there have been way more deserving ones, especially in the past.  Other than that, nice additions.
  4. The whole point is to name them moron
  5. Name those deserving ones. That's the point. Right?
  6. No. He does not do that . any other questions?
  7. They destroyed his home
    He fights the empire now
  8. Dogma is an English term transliterated in the 17th century from Latin (Latin dogma) meaning "philosophical tenet," derived from the Greek 'dogma' (Greek δόγμα) meaning literally "that which one thinks is true" and 'dokein' (Greek dokeo) "to seem good."

    Dogma can be used in various senses. In a formal sense to refer to an official system of principles or tenets of a church, such as Roman Catholicism,.In a less formal sense to refer to positions such as those of a philosopher, philosophical school. In a pejorative sense referring to enforced decisions, such as those of aggressive political interests or authorities. More generally it is applied to some strong belief that the ones adhering to it are not willing to rationally discuss. This attitude is called dogmatic or dogmatism and is often the case in religiously related matters, but is not limited to theist attitudes alone.

    The dogma that some of you created around OSW and KAW in general is so twisted. If you took a step back and saw it for it is or what its become ...well if you really are a good person yould be ashamed of yourselves. Max and me and few others are labled as malcontents or trouble makers somehow .....how is it when "1" person (realistically even with mult accts) is seen as a "coward" when he attacks an entire clan (or alliance) but then when an entire alliance or even multiple alliances gang up on "1" person thats somehow seen as courageous and just and worthy of being called great warriors?

    ....real men settle their own scores, those who cant go crying to others to do it for them

    with no thought as to the motivation as why that person or people are settling that score for the supposed wronged. If you accept help from someone with nefarious reasons for helping you just remember you have to deal with the consequences of owing that person who had not so good intent in the first place. In other words youve been taken advantage of.

    When you go to prison (lol) you just dont accept help from anybody who offers it to you

    Its a real good way to windup someones girfriend. Tbh thats what alot of you have become,

    on both sides ....the manipulator/user and the used and youve convinced yourself that its the right thing.

    Sorry about my crappy composition skills im little stoned right now  :D
  10. Respect and support
  11. Max - why are you speaking in the third person on your Dellie_shush account? No one is falling for it.

    Per my calculations, ACTUAL level of butthurt is commensurate with amount of effort and time dedicated to posting about another person's non-existent level of butthurt and amount of time and effort utilized to create memes to look cool. Todd- yours is off the charts. I'm flattered but do wish you'd hit me instead of talking about how butthurt I am (over NEVER once getting hit by you?).

  12. Look in the mirror when u make that statement

    Time and effort?! ...i guess for you it would be a taxing chore, took me less then 2 min to do lol

    This is the one and only tme ill address anything u say in this thread ...really not worth my time

    you are literally the epitome of what i spoke of earlier & EVERYBODY knows it

    I honestly literally feel pathetically sad for you ...get some help 
  13. Because I like doing that.
  14. Seems its not just me who's catching on to how you osw. We had a few laughs before even shared some ss. Then I suddenly saw you attempting to join my war with alts you say r not yours. Lol. Huge backfire. And its a lot of work having as many accounts as you do and attempting different personalities with each one recruiting. You r working hard doing this. It would prob be easier just to actually hit me. jump in at anytime.
  15. Mini-pad .....I play two accounts now. So you need to do some fact checking 

    Oh Toad.... cry some more in AC. You are good at that, not so good at hitting. When you start hitting me .... you'll get acknowledged. Until then, you're just another crybaby threatening to sell down and never hitting any button besides "send".
  16. Note: before any words, trash talk, hits, your alts had my name, aim, and max-damages. When u asked why I was hitting that account it was INSTANTLY awkward. U knew why lol. Then when u said 'you're still hitting" only 7 tenths of a second after I hit that acct, I knew it was u. After that I found a whole lot more. Stop coming at me in forums lol. We were friends weirdo. You couldve just said "max,you're hitting my alt" and would've been over that fast since I don't hit friends . but instead , whatever this is that u call war. That's what you're doing. Say something nice to me in pm one day n I'll stop. Ex: max u r super handsome today" or "dellie is kinda cute" .
  17. I thought of two more names that should be up here. Sepa n Jen. One of kaws greatest couples since before I even started playing. You may know them. They are/were your clanmates. They should be commended for not only trying to help you, but getting hit by their own clan "ego within" during war.,, simply for having an old "long ago" max damages respect post on their wall. That's what butthurt iz.

    The names again are sepa and Jen. They r known for running clans , helping others, warring (most recent in evil within and sucker punch), and simply being cool as winter.

    Still the only one staying on topic.

    And Fate and blue-tiger from BH back in the day. Warriors who Should also be noted for their loyalty.
  18. Max are you speaking English? I can't decipher 99% of what you're saying.

    Please do list the names of my alts hitting you/that you're hitting. Or better yet, just post those SS you're referring to.

    You won't, because you can't. Anymore than Toad has any logical explanation as to why I am butthurt he has never once hit me. 

    You two make a cute couple. Equally delusional.
  19. A.g. u threw me in ca after pretending to defend your so called clanmate who had my name on their wall. That means your wack, your clan only talks. And all are allergic to one on one. My time with u here is done.
    Pretend with your friends now. OK.
  20. I actually like this thread. That's why I keep coming up w names.
    everyone has been trolling max or Todd.
    Todd was banned for sharing an opinion. MaX-DAMAGES WAS BANNED FOR BEING MAX.
    YET U ALL TROLL SO COMFORTABLY n r still right here trolling Max, no matter how many times I say stay on topic. My recommended names again r sepa n Jen