Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. Half the people on here are trolling max-damages, seems like this thread actually does belong to him in a sense. Even as he was BANNED , people troll him even harder. That picture for lazylydia And evil within is spot on! That's what they look like. Stay on topic guys. Anyone have more names? Lol
  2. Half of us already said max-damages, let's try to find another warrior even though any attempts seem dim at this point.
  3. Well I believe eb fairies need a mention, since they fight the true monsters the hardest in kaw
  4. So true. In that case I vote entire roster at regulators.
  5. Some could argue that half of the people mentioned are just eb fairies in disguise :shock:

    Most of the some would be the people they fought but I do question one or two
  6. Hey max.. do you CF to your own acct with this alt on your wall too?
  7. Max was banned ashes
  8. do i call you ashy or blah blah blazey? ? Lol
    Also "warriors" still over 2t in allies here everyday not hidden. How about a hire? Stay on topic blazey, u already recommended max over 7 times lol
  9. Ppl confuse osw fighters with punching bags all the time max
  10. Max ur green dot wentaway but I see ur on ur alt
  11. So who's thread is this ashy?
  12. Lol at the new regupocafury
  13. Grymm is still trolling but he doesn't get banned. Lol is that blaze pretending its a guy alt again? Max says thanks for pic btw
  14. To stay on topic, I'm going to name one more person that should be here.
    Oh wait he's been said too many times by furypocaladies lol
  15. The only thing left to pretend u r still a war clan, which NOPE u no longer are, is to Target max. He is the last warrior left. And I'm assuming Todd is handing out some whippins of his own, by seeing the butthurt here. U will no longer have osw against other war clans because all they want now is to NOT engage in a real war. WE LOOK AT MAX LIKE HES TEN CLANS PUT TOGETHER! ;) . BTW I'm the only one staying ontopic. Who r the best warriors? Please note : mad has already been voted in several times already . thanks

  16. [​IMG]
  17. ....thing is me and Max never liked each other. We PvPed years ago and had issues with each other over some BH issues. We've been at odds for YEARS, most of you are hypocrites. You TRIED to do the same thing me and Max has been doing since day one but you dont have the cajones to go solo against a clan (hell entire alliance), the longevity needed to win a REAL OSW, or just plain discipline to keep your accts/alts seperate from each other so you dont reveal other accts. you can be like Pars and pay your way out of my hit range but alot of you know damn well if youre in my hit range you lose ...PERIOD

    Im not relevant? (That diss will always make me laugh (lol) ...well 5 months ago i was the most relevant one in KAW ...4-5 butthurtt war threads were made in a 2 week period over me stomping doggy doo outta you noob clowns....

    In a few weeks (after busy season) ...and we've filled our banks with gold we're gonna start working together to skool u ass clowns....

    Keep talking smack it makes your butthurt all the more smelly in the end......

    ....."CAN YOU SMELL IT?!" Aahhhhhhh i just love the smell of butthurt in the morning 
  18. Yall really just dribbling all over a good thread.
  19. He did add some good pics though, u have to admit. Lol!!!! :)