Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. Max ain't no legend  that guy doesn't even hit. He pins on T3 Ebs all day and talks.

    Only thing he's legendary for Is getting kicked or running from big OSW clans. That and of course running his mouth.
  2. You know they must be drinking when....

  3. Good thread ashes bro

    ⊀ས།ᏀસŦร ๏ƒ ṭ̸સཇ 下།રཇ ☰ཀβᄂཇཀ༺Á̸P☣Ć̸Ạ̸Ł༒ཾPṨ̸Ξ༻✯☠CƦ/Ҝ☣ɫƑƎ/ṨĦṨ/ᎦᎬ/₩λƦŁØƦ/ĦØG/Ḗི₵ེḶྂḮ₱ཽႽྃ྆Ể/ĆŁλÑ☠
  4. MaX-Damages is a coward. If all of us team up together against him, we can DEFEAT HIM!!! WHOSE WITH ME?
  5. Who's* with me?
  6. .
    Yeah man!!!
  8. Takes a lot of time and energy to make a thread like this so good job ashes ? although I must say some of the "honourable mentions" are pathetic but hey everyone entitled to their own opinion right ?
  9. Archy from PE fixed.. I got trolled last night while I was weak from reversing strips
  10. Join the revolution
  11. Love the latest updates Ashes

    keep them coming!
  12. Awesome thread as always many great legends in this thread
  13. Grym is easily distracted...watch. Look a corona!
  14.  ...so what i run the chuck wagon? lol 

  16. Pretty much true kaw changed so much though in my day had to carve messages into trees and devs whilst out camping would read and post next day
  17. Well u know I have 2x the Alts as Val and either fought half the ppl on this list or helped them strip good times good times
  18. The original big daddy. A real kaw o.g. Holy vanguard was good days of kaw
  19. Going to take a wild guess and assume no one recommended anyone named mrmagoo . :D