Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. You know they must be drinking when....

  2. Good thread ashes bro

    ⊀ས།ᏀસŦร ๏ƒ ṭ̸સཇ 下།રཇ ☰ཀβᄂཇཀ༺Á̸P☣Ć̸Ạ̸Ł༒ཾPṨ̸Ξ༻✯☠CƦ/Ҝ☣ɫƑƎ/ṨĦṨ/ᎦᎬ/₩λƦŁØƦ/ĦØG/Ḗི₵ེḶྂḮ₱ཽႽྃ྆Ể/ĆŁλÑ☠
  3. MaX-Damages is a coward. If all of us team up together against him, we can DEFEAT HIM!!! WHOSE WITH ME?
  4. Who's* with me?
  5. .
    Yeah man!!!
  7. Takes a lot of time and energy to make a thread like this so good job ashes ? although I must say some of the "honourable mentions" are pathetic but hey everyone entitled to their own opinion right ?
  8. Archy from PE fixed.. I got trolled last night while I was weak from reversing strips
  9. Join the revolution
  10. Love the latest updates Ashes

    keep them coming!
  11. Awesome thread as always many great legends in this thread
  12. Grym is easily distracted...watch. Look a corona!
  13.  ...so what i run the chuck wagon? lol 

  15. Pretty much true kaw changed so much though in my day had to carve messages into trees and devs whilst out camping would read and post next day
  16. Well u know I have 2x the Alts as Val and either fought half the ppl on this list or helped them strip good times good times
  17. The original big daddy. A real kaw o.g. Holy vanguard was good days of kaw
  18. Going to take a wild guess and assume no one recommended anyone named mrmagoo . :D
  19. Half the people on here are trolling max-damages, seems like this thread actually does belong to him in a sense. Even as he was BANNED , people troll him even harder. That picture for lazylydia And evil within is spot on! That's what they look like. Stay on topic guys. Anyone have more names? Lol