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  1. Ok Grym. Why don't u just think it over and list them all in one post? plz don't make us look like we have a max here

  2. There Are No Unlockable Doors
    There Are No Unwinnable Wars
    There Are No Unrightable Wrongs
    Or Unsingable Songs

    There Are No Unbeatable Odds
    There Are No Believable Gods
    There Are No Unnameable Names,
    Shall I Say It Again, Yeah

    There Are No Impossible Dreams
    There Are No Invisible Seams
    Each Night When Day Is Through
    I Don't Ask Much

    I Just Want You

    There Are No Uncriminal Crimes
    There Are No Unrhymable Rhymes
    There Are No Identical Twins
    Or Forgivable Sins

    There Are No Incurable Ills
    There Are No Unkillable Thrills
    One Thing And You Know It's True
    I Don't Ask Much

    I Just Want You
    I Just Want You

    I'm Sick And Tired Of Bein' Sick And Tired
    I Used To Go To Bed So High And Wired
    Yeah - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
    I Think I'll Buy Myself Some Plastic Water
    I Guess I Should Have Married Lennon's Daughter
    Yeah - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

    There Are No Unachievable Goals
    There Are No Unsaveable Souls
    No Legitimate Kings Or Queens,
    Do You Know What I Mean? Yeah

    There Are No Undisputable Truths
    And There Ain't No Fountain Of Youth
    Each Night When Day Is Through
    I Don't Ask Much

    I Just Want You
    I Just Want You
    Hey, Yeah

    I Just Want You
    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
    I Just Want You,
    I Just Want You

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  3. The song is I just want you by the Prince of Darkness Ozzy himself..

    Btw.. Salute to osw warriors who may or may not be stripping someone on page 1 right now..

  4. I still think This Terminator Remix is the best when looking at all the updates or a random browsing.. it has the right amount of melancholy, sweetness and hope.. 
  5. Loving the thread Ashes. Always awesome work. 

    ₭øɫʄع Łøгd 
    ☠MλĆᅢiΠΞ βøSS☠
  6. Keep this thread up ashes! God I miss the old school guys. Damn missed watching them all go at it. Good times good memories.
  7. Much love from ️️

    ☠☢Ҝö̤tྂƒE͛ ᖇᏋᏰᏋLLIᎧℕ☣️☠️༺Á̸P☣Ć̸Ậ̸Ł༒ཾPṨ̸Ξ༻ ☠

    Ashes 
  8. Killer thread, logged in for a lurk and saw this, wow this game used to be good.
  9. I have fought with/against nearly all ppl honored and respect to all. One thing that sticks out in my mind was Fighting with Zaft UK. Respect to all those that stayed and fought after 1 wall post caused 80% of the clan to run to Urban Killers. Can't for the life of me remember who posted everyones everyones wall just remember the ass beating those that stayed took myself included.
    Keep up the good fight all and "Keep it Classy"

  10. Another masterpiece my good man!!And massive respect for all mentioned or posting who know..love or hate your enemies,buy em a beer or spit in their eye..ya still have respect for them!!

  11. Funny that Arch's name is next to a woman. Lol
  12. Max ain't no legend  that guy doesn't even hit. He pins on T3 Ebs all day and talks.

    Only thing he's legendary for Is getting kicked or running from big OSW clans. That and of course running his mouth.