Tribute to OSW Fighters

Discussion in 'Wars' started by AshesOfEden, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Well done ashes, salute homie 
  2. The song is "Hurt" by NIN.. also covered awesomely by Johnny Cash.. try both versions to get the vibe of this thread.. ️️

    More to come.. feel free to suggest..
  3. Someone that has this much time to themselves was probably a Bernie Sanders supporter
  4. You hit a hat trick of hate.
  5. Yea GRYMLN zinged me pretty good on that one
  6. Cool, a top 20 list of kaws biggest noobs?
  7. At least there is one legend left that hasn't given up his beautiful thread content.
  8. Please feel free to list anyone who you think is worthy that fought with or against you..

    I know when I thought about making the thread that I'll get a lot of "why is HE on here", "She's a noob", "They are all weak" etc etc.. hell most that are listed here can't stand each other

    All fair.. it's all subjective.. please do list who you think should be on.. this is a heartfelt thread..

    TL;DR - list/suggest please..

    I have no prob if you don't agree.. but it is a bit hypocritical if one is not willing to suggest..

    to quote Doc "My hypocrisy only goes so far"
  9. Ya I disagree with quite a few players on that list, some of them don't even hit back, some don't do much by themselves (if any), some had even said they are not into osw or pvp whatsoever..but for the most part that's what made us rivals and fight each other to begin with - disagreements. They know who they are, so I'll just leave it at that lol Let the kawmunity decide. Of course there's some I respect, like Warlock who kicked my ass before and I hope we will get to farm each other again some time. Good farming is always fun!

    But it's good to see that osw warriors are not entirely forgotten and lost in all those stupid alliance vs alliance muscle flexing competitions limited by Kaw politics and nubs that simply need a shelter. Looking through those pics actually brought up some great memories for me. Especially those that no longer play, that I greatly miss like hairball, Mickey, GoF, Dis who farmed me when I was a week old newb and ended up teaching me most I know about farming, hell I even miss Larry and his endless forum trolling..and where's that drama llama Foxy hiding at?

    More! We wanna see moarrr
  10. Just say no
  11. Tyger and pink.
  12. Didn't they get banned
  13. So did momma and poppa but who cares
  14. Let's hear your suggestions Grym..️️
  15. That is if he doesn't get forum banned, cos this subject has been a no no even though initiated and posted in forums by devs themselves
  16. Drama llama!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I'd call you a whacked out, jumped up two bit hollering smack rat....

    But you've heard it all before and then some from me <3
  17. All the biggest mouth pieces accounted for.
    (Definitely not me, I mouth off under my breath and to myself)
  18. Leo!.. I thought about u and Asjay and Wee together  still to come 
  19. Hahahaha yeah but my favorite of yours was 'vodka slurping Russian [something]' I always admired your way with insults lol doesn't mean I think you are any less crazy than you always been
  20. Don't be bitter Leo, Ashes will add u to this list of 'biggest mouths'