Tribute to OSW Fighters

Discussion in 'Wars' started by AshesOfEden, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Poor maxy got silenced so he goes on forums to complain like the big boy he is. :)
  2. I'll say it. Blazer is a noob
  3. I never said 'enemies' but as we can see now, in ur head everyone is ur enemy cos they all ganging up on poor lil u with all those Alts in rival clans just so they can farm uI mean doesn't it sound absurd when u read it? Cmon man lmao Thanks for the lols thoughnow go try to put a diagram on paper, or maybe create a spread sheet of how all those clans/mains connected to each other in your imaginary world. That should keep u occupied for couple days maybe lol
  4. You're new name is BLA BLA -- BLAZEY--REGUBABY
  5. Stay off my thread if you're going to just troll here. U and grymm! :D
  6. Viper is 100% right. I will admit it
  7. I didn't even know it was a loophole until now. lmao. :D
  8. Okay back to what I was saying,this is MY THREAD NOW. LOL!!!!!
  9. Meaning: this thread is now mine. Whoever has an issue cry to an admin in my clan. Hehee
  10. I can't believe what I'm seeing. Max is a bully now??? Uh ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I'm outta here!!!!
  11. What a great threat! Plenty of names I haven't crossed swords with yet, plenty of time for that to change though :D
  12. Please no bullcrap on my thread Bla bla blazey :D
  13. Wino from zaft/ zaft ca should be on this list she was one of a kind
  14. Still don't know y slayer hob is on the list tbh
  15. Purple pixie, Mac, and lee deserve a poster in my opinion also
  16. 
  17. I nominate skinny Minny as she was the biggest pest my alt had
  18. My alt was way bigger too
  19. Alison is one of the most relentless PvP I've met
  20. Shamrock from iss gave me a good battle in my first osw