Tribute to OSW Fighters

Discussion in 'Wars' started by AshesOfEden, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Great fighters on all sides, from old and new. Great job Ashes!!
  2. @Max ...exactly!! I dont think it started out that way but they all definitely now colluding with each other.

    BS OSWs by these big so called alliances are controlled by a small number of people who outright scam others into following their agenda ....its a couple/few butthurts trying to involve as many people as they can to settle their own personnel scores with another individual of couple/few people because they too sorry ass to handle it themselves.

    ....it goes on for so long and none of you clowns have the political skills that MrB or SirHayden have so you cant get a CF and you have no choice but to turn it into RP (lol) .....gotta save face right?
    Cant let everyone know ya aint the badass you claim ya are ehhh?

    Continue with your RP .....


    Ive said it for years and ill keep saying it ..... best OSW KAWers win with the chat button 
  3. Hahahahaha wow max, just wow! I think now everyone knows why I called u a drama llama lol U NEED to created ur own thread and tell us all about those conspiracy theories in ur head. Please!! That'll be a fun read actually. But leave this thread on subject, just a polite thing to do..since u claim to be so noble n all I don't think I need to explain this to u
  4. I've never used the word 'noble' in my life:). And so what if I'm dramatic? I have my own gang lol
    the three musketeers. :D . And Todd actually was pretty accurate and said that way better than i could have.
  5. With the dev/mod player and thing going on right now, this games going to crap, but I'll keep it interesting a while longer.
    I get it. How can u have fun doing back to back ebs. These days if you want to pretend to war, you have to put my name in ca.
  6. Hey what about me? What's the definition of trolling BTW?
  7. It's exactly what Grym did to max
  8. That's not war, that's just farming, group farming at that. Don't give your self too much credit, let others decide if you deserve such
  9. Let my enemies decide who I am? Let me think about that for a sec. ..........................................nope. I'm cool. I'll decide.
  10. Ffs. Ty Max for derailing this thread and making it all about you. But as you can see.. no one cares. I'm pretty sure there is not one person on this list that agrees with every other person "deserving" a place on this thread. But we get over it  Stop sucking the fun and memories out of this. Go troll other threads or go make one about yourself, because NO ONE caressssss.  Jeez.
    Hope a mod will clean his mess up.
    Gj as always Ashes. 
  11. Alright I'm taking over. From now on this thread belongs to ME!!!:D
  12. Cry all you want. My name doesn't stop spewing out of your mouths like sour dookie
  13. U know how easy it is to type my name in chumps
  14. Put it in the feed losers regubabies :D haha
  15. You've all fallen victim to the system. U can catch me OFF SYSTEM. noobs
  16. This was a BUTTHURT THREAD from the start lol
  17. Suck up to your new merges. Let's rock.
  18. Ban me like Todd right? For having my options :D lol
  19. Trolling is what grymm did to max you say b lazy? Then why wasn't he muted like Todd was?
  20. Yeah B-lazy why? :D haha