Tribute to OSW Fighters

Discussion in 'Wars' started by AshesOfEden, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. But only because u said please
  2. Easy to say when you're just a number now. U r a percentage. .0013 of the people I'm fighting. You don't have a name anymore. You r a number now :D lol!
  3. Ur acting like u have been in more ca than me that's cute
  4. Only your clanmates know who u r.
  5. That's why you're in here following.e saying I'm following u lol. Pathetic.
  6. Then do somtn about it
  7. I will. But right now I'm letting u do it to yourself :D.
  8. Uh oh gryms green dot went away :)
  9. Woops was that battery? Phone call from mama? :D
  10. I think it's MY TURN to make a thread. :D jk too many mods upset right now lol. Hey is there a mod on that's NOT mad at me right now? :D I don't want it to get banned for now reason like Todd was lmao
  11. As for the strips on mods,it's the false accusations and lies. It's hsouldnt be mods doing that. It's should be regular butthurt people without Green names that don't have a responsibility to set an example. Also there is a reason devs shut u down soon as u say the word 'cheating' . Too many things they don't want people to know.
  12. Ain't no body got time to read paragraphs bro
  13. U took a long time to read it lol :)
  14. Update: fury are regulators now.
  15. In other words:begging crybabies
  16. Still no Inc tho
  17. I think it's because u keep following me asking me if I have line lol. we're not friends moron.
  18. Max you aren't even big enough to hit some mods, let alone strip them. Lol.
  19. You making your self look like a crybaby right now Max..idk what Fury did to you but apparently you are just as salty as those mods you speak of. Let's not go there. Keep your irrelevant and illiterate crap from this thread. If u have anything against clans/mods/players - show it in their nf. I expected you to know that concept well enough by now
  20. I have my own Clan. I can't listen to someone else's rules while I'm free.