Tribute to OSW Fighters

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  1. If memory serves me correct, they raised the amount of steals to get 100% gold from 1,000 to like 10,000 or something like that. That's when super fast strips ended I believe.
  2. BigBear always fought hard and stripped harder. Definetly a legend in my eyes.
  3. Send a heartbeat to
    The void that cries through you
    Relive the pictures that have come to pass

    For now we stand alone
    The world is lost and blown
    And we are flesh and blood disintegrate
    With no more to hate

    Is it bright where you are
    Have the people changed
    Does it make you happy you're so strange?

    And in your darkest hour
    I hold secrets flame
    We can watch the world devoured in it's pain

    Delivered from the blast
    The last of a line of lasts
    The pale princess of a palace cracked

    And now the kingdom comes
    Crashing down undone
    And I am a master of a nothing place
    Of recoil and grace

    Is it bright where you are
    Have the people changed
    Does it make you happy you're so strange?

    And in your darkest hour
    I hold secrets flame
    We can watch the world devoured in it's pain

    Time has stopped before us
    The sky cannot ignore us
    No one can separate us
    For we are all that is left

    The echo bounces off me
    The shadow lost beside me
    There's no more need to pretend
    Cause now I can begin again

    Is it bright where you are
    Have the people changed
    Does it make you happy you're so strange?

    And in your darkest hour
    I hold secrets flame
    We can watch the world devoured in it's pain

  4. That's a great new batch of players posters. I was glad to see des get his own poster, he was in a league of his own, like Ajax.

    They a rare and different breed of old school player.
  5. What I really appreciate and enjoy is that the names are mentioned by their "enemies" as well as friends..

    This is just a small sample/token of appreciation.. keep the suggestions coming..

    It's great (and painful) to remember some players when someone else mentions them..️️
  6. U just made ur thread 1000% better :lol:

  7. That's Brigette Bardot in Shalako..

    It also starred Sean Connery.. 
  8. Well done, Ashes. Well done indeed. 
  9. Blazey...don't give ripper any credit. He was a pansy
  10. Lol agreed but he easily was better than some..on the other hand, the list now has more of those who actually deserve it so you are right :)

    Nice batch. Among others, like Cas and Jurza, i'm glad to finally see Reborn_0ne - my long time nemesis lolDes who was one of my mentors, who's trust is nearly impossible to earn but I managed and we had great fun running BH. King Kash who I find to be one of the most loyal players I've come across in kaw. I'll be forever grateful to him for allowing me to join his clan while it was involved in the biggest osw at that time, he helped me learn pvp when I was a few weeks old kaw newbie. Lotr/Resilience was fighting BH/iG, and I wanted to be a part of that fight after 2 BH leaders along with NaghtyGwen (very very naughty!) farmed me senseless during the first Farm Fest. I had to have my revenge lol Kash saw potential in a little desperate newb I was at that time, even though Troop accused me of being a mole and left Lotr..lol Kash's dedication to his clan and friends is at the level that most have no capacity to replicate, unfortunately. He took so much beating yet he truly never cared about fake gold - he just wanted his clannies to enjoy the game and we sure did! Thank you Kash and thank you Ashes!

    And, of course, I'm happy to see Maddy surrounded by his ladies of Fury! Just how he likes it ;) lol This man is by far the greatest leader in kaw. Period. I guarantee you anyone who knows him will agree. I am lucky to be a part of this clan, the only reason I still play. Each of us is crazy in our own way, most of us are troublemakers lol but we make it fun regardless of anything. I think it is because of every single member's individuality combined with very similar if not the same views when it comes to game and it being nothing but entertaining app. Like, if you love osw you don't really care for it's reason. Top it off with the best leader a crazy bunch like Fury (or even just about any clan) can wish for..and you have a group of actual friends enjoying kicking some ass together lol I think everyone here deserves to be mentioned as all we did together for years is war. Switch, dingy, rinus, smokey, blueee, Cade, twiz, six..I mean EVERYONE lol

    Also, thanks Ash for making me the only player mentioned twice - pleases my ego
  11. I agree with you but only partially. Quite a bit of players on that list did nothing but run their mouth and throw few bars at strip in ca if they happen to be on when it's going. Unfortunately public can't know much unless directly involved but tends to base their opinion on what they read on walls/forums/wc etc., which rarely is an indicator of reality. While those mouthy nubs give the rest of us a bad name, it is what it is and some of us couldn't care any less about what others think. I know a few who can do both extremely well - enjoy the banter while maxing xtals out on another strip they tracked/fronted or farmed for much extended period of time. Good examples are Larry, Chubby, proph, Reborn, or even Ajax. I always call my self a wall/forum warrior because I love me some crap talk lol but I also know my battle sts and my track record can speak for themselves. As well as some players I had pleasure of farming, the ones who don't let the butthurt take over their thinking process, will (and do) confirm that. Feel free to try me if anyone has any doubt ;) War banter is one of those aspects that keeps the game fun for many, it's just that not many can walk the talk..That is exactly what can help us separate true osw Warriors from wannabes, but only in ideal world..it's way too objective I guess. But one doesn't have to be good at war banter to be a recognized warrior - examples of such are Des, hairball, silvertip, kash and many more. Those did it without making themselves known to public and I personally will always admire that.

    Also IronMichael was a beast!