Tribute to OSW Fighters (original by Ashes)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ToddStlluvsBacon, May 15, 2018.

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  1. LOLOL Look in the thread I didn’t make that meme butthurt baby  ...Ashes made TWO of me (yeah also I’m the only one that has TWO memes of me SOLO) it’s all in the thread u butthurts LOL 

    ...Blazeys in two different ones but ones a clan thread I’m the only one with TWO SOLO memes u don’t have any (ZERO lol) u butthurts 
  2. Your living in a fantasy land mate....your the joke of kaw (well until u retire again and we need to find someone else) people smile and laugh at u.....not with u my friend.
  3. Todd was never in the ashes original thread. He just put himself there to pretend he was on it.

    He shouldn’t care anyway he’s to busy doing another tour of Iraq or running his chain of restaurants in between spending every waking moment in these forums.

  4. don’t forget I sit around all day watching a tv show about extreme couponing lol (.22) “a-pew!” “a-pew!” 
  5. Awwhhh ..... Canadian Bacon is missing me , its so cute how you always find a way to bring me into your lame arse crap threads
  6. This

  7. Number of Todd OSW Warrior memes by Ash = 2
    Number of Pars-turd OSW Warrior memes by Ash = 0


  8. find any good coupons lately loser LOLOL 
  9. Yea. This.

  10. Yw

    Original thread has pics now

    Lock thread please
  11. Todd's still mad that the majority of actual PvPers in the first thread slammed him when he cried to be included. :lol:

  12. ??? LOL like who?? Pars-idiot?? ...catfish???  dumb dumb if you notice two of the people that originally had memes thanked me for recovering some lol ...where yours??? Oh yeah that’s right no one knows who you are even LOL 
  13. locking per op request.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.