KaW Freestyle Cypher 2K17ish

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  1. Shifter is such a wally ,
    he has been clinically diagnosed as
    mentally " off his trolley ".
    Soo beaten up over the prodigious storm that roni incites,
    leaving him enraged & downtrodden in his blight!
  2. Dont be fooled by shifter's menacing hardnut exterior , this oaf is deceptively docile and enormously inferior ,
    He lurks in kaw shadows staking out his next meal ,
    but aint going to get a chance to sink your chops into this babe
    :- i repel all imbecile's !

    His ears prick up and excitement fills his head , he spys roni , yumyum his jowls start slobbering and drooling ,
    foaming at the mouth this rabid dog wants to be fed .
    Quick dial pest control this dog needs to be contained with a muzzle,
    locked up + sedated and put in the dog pound !
    He needs be kept at a distance , his jaws wired shut unable to make a sound!
    sit down boy & heed my words the vital piece to your puzzle.
    They say you cant teach a old dog new tricks ,
    but shifter you gonner get some schooling ,
    a easy message to comprehend
    :- on kaw you will never be ruling.
  3. Horrible rhymes but I got one cookin for you
  4. As soon as Shifter steps on kaw. He hulks up , and gives it the large,
    acting all gritty and gutsy.
    " Hello lady's i am kaw's most desirable and eligable bacholer "
    He's on the prowl for a kaw wife , so expect him to turn his swag on and get incredibley lusty !
  5. I think someone got a crush on shifter <3 :-D
  6. No chance in hell of that G.D.M.F ! You only have to read the ones before it to realize we aint on good terms ha.
  7. New diss track coming today for my lady
  8. Re: KaW Freestyle Cypher 2K17

    Anyone who used yo in their rap
    This year kills the rap
    Therefore your rhymes are crap
    It was decent now go take a nap
    And let me close the gap
    You about to get a slap

    Okay, I admit this is my first cypher
    But this kid will sit back and admire
    Cuz he dont have the skills required
    So he should retire
    Or step down a tier
    But before that, he needs to call cease fire

    Oh, did I hurt your feelings?
    Well, Ima keep proceeding
    Lemme just say three things
    Your a weakling
    Your rap's unappealing
    And when im done with you
    You gonna run home sqealing

    Im sorry if this is bad lol, just wanna start some beef make this topic more entertaining and active. Have fun guys.

  9. somebody roast me
  10. Still waiting for that diss track slowpoke shifter .Dont keep us all in suspense for too long !
  11. Slipshod - shoddy shifter is tongue-tied ,
    he proclaimed he had a diss track about me ,
    but he is all yap no back :- he lied !
    keep using my name in vain ,
    you will regret your actions, because my bluntness i wont refrain. ,
    and it'll give me great satisfaction.
    Acting like a yobbo dont make you cool,
    to everyone looking on we think what a fool ,
    but it's never too late to change your ways .
  12. i like to pride myself that i can help people even in their darkest days.
    So my advice to you is to tame your monkey chatter !
    But keep on provoking me ,
    then i will hit you head-on and your ego i will shatter.
  13. You self-sabotage your own hopes and dreams ,
    you are your own worsed enemy , your moodswings are over the top & extreme ,
    you be venomous to the mods, because you aspire to be one so desperately ,
    turning your kaw life around is the only remedy .
    But you are possessed by a devil within ,
    so until a exorcism is performed on you,
    and free of it ,
    we will have to endure your hissy-fits ,
    it's just lucky we all have got thick skin. ( i bumped a thread i wrote called "monkey chatter" for imformative reading just for you shifter ! )
  14. Roni Toni rigatoni go make your pasta,
    Because I think your the real imposta.

    You look like a pepperoni,
    Same worth as a damn little toy pony.

    Your a real phony, full of bologna (balony pronunciation). Fat and stuffed like a dang cannoli.

    Your Italian, quit rhyming and get the pasta before it burns and make sure to let it churn.

    I look stern while you sit there and hope this court is adjourn.

    Were you ready for that burn?


    #Drake. war clan
  15. No i wasnt Hellbound i am gutted!
  16. G.D.F.M why dont you be a trendsetter ,
    and go and write a thread to make forums better ,
    i know it's hard for you to think outside the box,
    you'd just rather be a ass and get threads locked .
  17. Roni, queen of irrelevance and lonely, getting clocked driving 60 in a forty, you better bend the knee

    You cant mess with me, like taco bell please hold the beans, i'm comin at you like a star, you cant spit no bars
    It's kind sad but it's not my bad, now you dug yo grave, and you gotta pay.
    This is my throne welcome to my zone, I don't take no coins I just take my throne
    If you got me in yo sight, you gonna lose the fight
  18. shifer your mind is clearly warped,
    when you were created and god gave out brains :- you were short changed ,
    when god handed out good looks , he glanced down at you and thought " Nah abort ".
    you lack humour , you lack flair,
    you been toppled years ago , forums is my kingdom this is where i rule ,
    the only title you will ever pwn is " stubborn as a mule".
    You aint no competition ,
    against us you will never win any matches.
    The king and queen thrones will always belong to roni and Ashes !
  19. No capital God not spelling my name right, drunk roni is drunk
  20. Ew