KaW Freestyle Cypher 2K17ish

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  1. Damn son, I step out for a minute and you be gettin lovey with yolo?
    I been out there hitting the pad with fresh ink but I can't deny that he got a dope flow though
    I been practicing upping my A game so when we get in that ring we go toes yo
    I got a little bit of fire in my bars now but I can't explain to these schmoes what they dont know
    I get a blueprint up in my head when I rhyme gotta craft it like I'm making that slow flow
    But I get a little bit too excited and I can't contain it like a lyrical overflow
    I been working on stretching my rhyme Schemes out but somehow I'm still getting that cold shoulder
    Everyone knows that I'm Brady and you Ryan we both in the bowl but I ain't gonna choke bro
    I gotta switch it up in the middle like this you rewinding just to catch em like ash did
    I don't mind when I gotta spell it out for you but I did take offense at you asking
    Like I really got time to rehash all my rhymes when that's the reason that you coming in last kid
    I ain't really gonna slow this flow down for you clowns catching up is just something you tasked with
    I be sitting there pacing while the crowd yelling "FINISH HIM!" Kombat's Mortal and I'm getting that last hit
    I feel like I been running a damn marathon holding this baton up and i ain't ready to pass this
    Cuz ain't a damn one of you able to keep up with me, I'm a lighter and you just burnt matchsticks
    Bringing it back to video game reference metaphors, like frogger you should go play in traffic
  2. Hold up, You Tom Brady & callin me Ryan?
    Im closer to Shady bro u aint even tryin!
    Get in the ring with the champion, try it!
    This aint even football, but homie Ima Giant!

    Get rekt on a track, like the kitten that u is
    You never win here but you wishin that you did!
    Reminiscent of Static flippin up ya wig
    You aint savage or the baddest lil rabbit yous a kid

    So stick to playin Trix, leave rappin to the men!
    I drop the mic n Gin & get some clappin from ya friend
    I guess they like me so I tax em with the pen
    You rappers just pretend im deep in that ass again

    Talking like a thug, good way to get ya slapped
    7 to 11 shots fired, homie I aint talkin craps
    Wise decision to pick on me since Im strapped
    shoot raps out ya mouth, leave em layin in ya lap!

    Tryin to call me out, dude you aint a referee!
    Every time u rap, vocabulary rests in peace!!
    So please go ahead... & tell us how you testin me
    Rap is MY recipe, and u cant get the best of me!

    Mortal Kombat? Does this seem like a game to me?
    You're now a fatality & everyone is blaimin me!
    Turns out, Burns not good as he claimed to be
    Its strange but hes, tormented by the name of me!

    So dude got Burned, oh yes I brought the static!
    Im automatic rap, & this the cost of being savage.
  3. My new Song

    This my rap song :

    rappie rappie dap dap rappie rappie dap!
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    This my rap song, come on lets rap song!
    rappie rappie dap dap rappie rappie dap!
    rappie rappie dap dap rappie rappie dap!
    rappie rappie dap dap rappie rappie dap!
  4. Hold up, so now we firing shots cuz you taking this crap too serious?
    Damn I thought we was tighter than that but I'm guessing that I must've been delirious
    You wanna beef with me but you ain't peeped the scene and you coming at me with that fake fearlessness
    You stepping up to the dog with a baby bark come on homie get your ass out of here with this
    I dropped one line about you in a whole damn verse all of a sudden now you saying game on?
    Well if that is that then as a matter of fact then it's on like it's donkey Kong
    I dont play around you should've known by now that when I aim I dont miss my target
    If I was coming for you, you wouldve known it dude we been tight since this whole thing started
    I didnt come to beef but I ain't about to back down that ain't how I operate and you know it
    So if you wanna fight than let's drop the beat come on show me what you got let's go kid
    I'm gonna give you a couple minutes just to wake back up looking at that last verse you was asleep when you wrote it
    You know I like to fight fair at least as much as I can but you the Red Sea and it's looking like I'm Moses
    Thats right i'ma split you open, leave you crying on your baby momma's shoulder
    I dont know why you wanna start with me, we both know you half a thug and I'm a soldier
    We can stop right here or we can keep on swinging but I wish it didnt come to this
    You could've been the first feature on my Album, now you just another rhyme in it
  5. Bump. Lots of bark but no bite.
  6. It irrelevant to even post on this thead.
    You rappers are malnourished and not properly feed.
    You use big words without knowing the meaning.
    It's like when you snitch on your boi and not consider it treason.
    No word play or original thoughts,
    Copy what you hear like a hook that drake bought.
    Put auto tune in your voice but really sound like Kane.
    Nobody been down for that since t-Payne.
    You guys are softer than the snow in mid December.
    Can one of you spit something I'll actually remember.
    Or do I go stealth mode like I premiered in Gold member.
    Pop up dissect your lines and wave for next contender.
    This is punch out kings, better control you temper
    Leave you foaming at the mouth like a case of Distemper.
    Dropping bombs on you pretenders just name me M.O.A.B
    Return back to sender is what they left on your
    I forgot your gender cause you are not important to me.
    Now I go get drunk like bender while you wanna be me.
  7. I retire kaw & yall lose ya heart
    I'm wondering where tf is that spark
    Used to get heated, used to go hard
    Now I'm like wtf u rappers are??!
    Kaw never needed me, Im in the past tense
    My name used to hold weight, way back then
    Now these cats talk to justify the hits
    When I started this, pvp was the shhhhh
    Now yall soft, done forgot who is realest
    Stat is still a killa, Im dominate vanillas
    I stay in my lane but Im doing 130
    Nashville bred, yea I represent that dirty!
    Cops cant even catch me
    Hoes cant ever claim us
    Im either Jesse or Im Billy
    Either way I'll make u famous!
    I letcha hang around, just to hang my crown
    But if u get in way Ima put ya ass down!
  8. I could bump this all year
    Come back next & yall still aint spit it
    I said in 2017 that yall a joke
    ...and yall still aint get it!
    But when I said I'm years ahead
    I guess yall pretended raps suspended
    This is why KaW is selfish
    I actually hosted, & yall pretendin.
    Why do I feel dirty when Im here?
    Why are yall clowns like the movie 31?
    Your girl gets flirty when I log on
    I dump my candy, then Im long gone.

    I mean.....

    Too long have I heard the cries
    The weak pleas in the darkness
    Yall thirsty for my light huh...
    & Stat aint sent a spark yet?

    Die then. Stop thinkin Ima notice.
    Im 17 Ronin, but Ima die a Lotus
    Yall aint even on this
    But since u New; now you know I own it
  9. Kaw Too stupid to mix wits with me.
  10. There is a rap battle competition taking place now on pimd. It'd be funny if kaw rappers went over there and won the competition !
  11. Most people just find a partner but you could get yo' self a pet.
    You think your something special but your
    lyrically inept..
    Mmmmm what you say what's up? Who you?
    You am I but you don't know I'm dat blue.
    I'm heaving you into my literal stew.
    Squealing and claiming who you used to be
    You lost yourself back when you were once free
    Unlock and unload I won't waste my ammo
    Unsheath my pen and and wham you pjamoed.

    Don't get up and move with this new day that's dawning
    The day of my reign is the day of your mourning.

    Peace Out Chump
  12. Damn im seeing static go off spitting all over kaw
    Droppingg peeps left and right leaving em in awe
    But its funny tho most of yall take this game to serious
    Its hilarous most of yall are delirious
    Im curious if yall even have lives
    You rage on a game i get off to kiss my wife
    Cause that life
    Stuff happens but the game was meant for fun
    Ive done every aspect of this game and by now i thought id be done but im not
    Im still going in
    Starting trouble where i can because i play to win
    Idk im not a rapper lol
  13. Tzshifter Kaw's first forum president ,
    has lost his charm and became irrelivent ,
    he calls himself Kaw's boy wonder ,
    i call him just nature's blunder .

    How much dribble can this oaf spout , before he hits rock-bottom and burns-out ,
    he has nothing going on between his ears ,
    he needs beam himself up and dissapear ,
    The only friend's he's got is his hand and his beer,
    he's just a few cans short of a six-pack that nobody would fear !
  14. RiP to the Cypher
    12 pages of trash
    Not even 8 months
    And this lemon is gassed
    Yall had yalls moments
    them minutes have passed
    The rhymes got [crappy]
    yuh dipped yuh pen in yuh ass

    N I aint come here to cause any trouble
    But I wont lose sleep if I pop a few bubbles
    Its rough in this game
    No kisses or cuddles
    Some of yall to soft
    I'd leave you [puking] a puddle

    Please dont try n take yuh wack rhymes to PiMD
    It would be to shameful to watch yall walk back wit a limp
    Im eating good these days
    Lobster n shrimp
    I jus threw that in there
    cuz ya boy is a pimp

    ByeBye cypher
    You see were I stand
    Now get yuh effin game up
    And get yuh [stick] out ya hand
  15. Hello all!
    I'm a southern bell,
    From the deep South.
    Corn bread fed,
    Rebellion til I'm dead.
    I listen none,
    Only myself.

    Kingdoms at War better look out.
    This pvp queen,
    Gonna make it to the LB one day.
    Im the only one with the key to my hit list,
    Now I'm gonna run with it.

    Steppin' to me,
    Spittin' that shh.
    Like it means somethin',
    So do somethin'.
    Fillin' my NF with victories?
    Boy please!
    Maybe a few victory wins.
    So don't go cryin',
    When I return those hits.

    Grow up be a man,
    Grow some balls.
    And stay out of pin,
    Cuz I'm comin' back defeats in all!

    Lmao I suck at this tbh but still had to give it a try >_<
  16. Roni, stands for unoriginal and phony, the kind that reports you to the mods like a croni, she thinks shes so ill but she needs to take a chill pill.
    Her raps are wack but i'll give her one last
    Yeah i'm the first forum President so everything you've said is irrelevant. I'm on cloud 9 while you're just tryin to get by,
    come at me when you think you're ready, cuz right now you look a little heavy
  17. *eating popcorn*
  18. Ikr