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  1. *spits a dope rap*
  2. That made me sad, Static. Kudos to you and your ability.
  3. Spirituality uplifted
    Perhaps verbally gifted
    I sit back & listen...
    and then I paint pictures.
    I say enough to get ya
    then reality gets twisted,
    and then it justs hits ya
    like gravity from scripture.
    Maybe it's all true?
    Does he operate in deception?
    Cuz if it's a "battle" of wits
    Im just parading my "weapon"!
    Never came in half-cøcked,
    overzealous, or even cøcky.
    Sometimes it seems arrogant,
    but I'm just sharin this hobby.
    An artist works with colors
    so I'm just "dimming" the lights.
    Bright enough to get hype
    like the beginnings of fights!
    But this is the end now...
    And this is where I'll leave you.
    A prelude to fairy tales,
    deuces, I'll see you when I see you.

    Edit: Devs :roll:
  4. Love never was something I believed in
    "You'll meet the right one"
    I been patiently waiting
    Constantly debating
    Always ignoring what my heart is saying
    All these girls just use me and pick me apart
    I know that you're different
    We both know there was a spark
    My whole life I been shrouded in dark
    Then I met you and everything got bright
    That's why I'm asking will you be my light
    Won't you please be my guide up on this plight
    You're beautiful with a great personality
    I just wonder if you notice me

    Nothing much just a little something I was playing with
  5. Back to the cypher
    Shot from the sniper
    Bleeding out from these battles
    I guess I should skidaddle

    These kids think they good
    They are like food
    You chew them out
    And they pout

    This might be my first ryhme
    But I'm not going back to the slime
    So I should just rhyme
    Not back to the slime
  6. I play kaw it makes me poor
    Now I'm sad I'm also bad
    I'm tiny and whiny
    All the big clans denying me
  7. Oh, back to rapping out these rappers
    I'll Throw you out like a wrapper
    Only Eminem is the true rap god
    Definitely not you, you pod

    Your a know it all
    But you don't know it all
    Your a wannabe king
    When I could put you in a sling
    And make you fling
    You don't have a lotta bling

    I seen you the other day in the clan
    When I was making a plan
    To land me the winner of all rap battles
    To show you all that you should skiddadle

    Oh you got something to say KotFe
    Let me get my coffee
    Go on little boys and girls
    Now do a twirl

    There you go
    Remember your clan is a big No
    Now watch my rhythm flow

    I am the true reaper
    You better not be a streaker
    I'll come for all the creepers
    There will be a lot weepers

    (Thanks For reading! And a huge sorry to KotFe for calling them out! I had to think of a clan to use and decided to use a big clan, I mean I gotta dish someone right? )
  8. Kaw sleeping on the game
    Y u noobs aint even flowin?
    I guess history repeats
    if you cant see where you're goin'.
  9. The whole world is distraught
    Seems to me like art is lost
    I'm tripping over the cost
    All these lives gone
    Innocents taken by a bomb
    It makes everything seem wrong
  10. Y'all thinking that you're rappers?
    All I see is a bunch of clappers
    Tryna write dope lines like a bunch of hackers
    But none of y'all could've equated the factor
    Of me encompassing it all like the equator but fatter

    I don't even understand how you can call yourselves lyricists
    All I see when I read your lines is a bunch of gibberish spouted by kindy kids

    Now you see how it goes down?
    Just came to bury some clowns
    Now back to my house made of bricks
    Now shoo you little pricks
    Back to your house mad of cotton
    Try to escape this web that you're caught in

    (First time trying to think of raps, how'd I do?)
  11. Shots fired Yoloking aiming recklessly Respect a G, My gun clap at you unexpectedly,
    I lay back and drink alcohol excessively,
    It ain't a player in this game that can flex on me, y'all not testing me,
    I got degrees in being ignorant and weaponry,
    A 40 oz of dutch master is the recipe,
    Thats my lick right there, that'll be the death of me,
    Give me a death mask, better yet an effergy,
    I understand the math of death and it's complexity,
    I understand how y'all was violently murked,
    I understand how you was raised under the lies of the church,
    But I understand I recognize that I am cursed, to be the Kaw freestyle king that'll end lives with a verse.
  12. Okay static come out of retirement, the thread is active again lol
  13. Alright let's get it clear
    I'm bout to get lyrical here
    But not about to boast so no fear
    Lets get political in your ear

    First off on this topic let us undress
    The cause of all of this civil unrest
    Why in the ghetto people strappin on a gun vest
    Why people screaming that cops aren't the best

    Ok, that might be an understatement
    "why they out there spilling blood on pavement?"
    "why they out there promoting racist behaviour?"
    Well they ain't, they're actually being city savers

    Don't believe my lyrics?
    Have a peek at the statistics
    They'll show you the main people gunned down
    Are blacks shot by other browns
    The little ones go home and find they brother rounds
    They think of the bully at school and bike down to his mumma house
    Put they finger on the trigger
    Couple rounds they deliver
    Mumma stand in the kitchen and shiver
    While her little boys heart wither
    Now don't get me wrong I ain't tryna be racist
    Just tryna say the perpetrators are the ones hiding they faces
    Behind the red or the blue
    You either dead or you shoot
    In they minds to get to the top
    You gotta be comfortable wielding a glock
    And be used to hearing the pop

    Enough of that though
    This a wrap up to the rap show
    That's all I can create, I'm done with that flow
    So tell me how did that go?

    (legitimately though, any criticism is welcome, I'm trying to learn how to flow better)
  14. Not bad at all man. Just work on matching those syllables up between bars, and bring in complex lyrics. I love the storytelling! Keep at it.
  15. Yolo killin on the track
    Its like he eats & breathes rap!
    He can be the freestyle king.
    I got no problem with that!

    I aint even gon attack,
    Just let him know I got his back.
    If he gets jammed up,
    Stat come running with the gat!

    Its unbecoming, but a fact.
    I mean, this kid got talent.
    Went from zero to a hundred
    And presented a challenge!

    I remember everything
    & I remember the old days.
    From January to December,
    heat flashes & cold waves!

    Used to get up under my skin
    And only in the worst ways!
    Really hated this clown...
    til he got an ounce on my birthday!

    Then we smoked up
    And turned the heat on the veterans
    Outrapped everyone.
    Everybody was better then!

    Its funny how times change
    But dope rhymes stay the same!
    Went from coke lines & fame,
    to sober, cuz Im older in the game.

    Still got a motor in my brain!
    Still a soldier feelin pain.
    Still a will for bringing heat,
    cuz its colder on the plains.

    And we too old for cold
    Let this heater keep you warm
    Thats to all competitors
    & adversaries without form!

    Plenty snakes in the grass
    Always gotta be alert!
    Cuz these streets will eat you up
    Leave you sleepin in the dirt.
    And I aint even going
    Killing me? Nah, no sir!
    Cuz unless u got a scope
    Then u gotta get closer.
    And thats where I catch ya
    Thats where u made mistakes.
    U wanted beef, now eat the beef
    And better finish the plate!
  16. Yo ,dont mess with me cuz i am a e-thug gangster, dont even question me cuz i'll quickly shank ya. i am the baddest on the w.w.w globe, trouble me & i'll ramshackle ya and leave you with no home. E-thug violence is the name of my game , rising above all of you and basking in my notorious fame.
  17. Just a quick something I've been writing on the side, not all that good but something to put up at least, also not completely finished yet

    Go to sleep a tradie apprentice
    Wake up on a boat in Venice
    Next to your girl of sixteen years
    In this country you've got no fears
    Look down at her fingers
    She's got a brand new ring, her
    Blue-eyed gaze seems transfixed
    On the grey of the canal bricks
    There your daughter dances
    Your own eyes they're now entranced as
    She twirls in her crimson dress
    Performs a stretch like an arabesque
    You feel the tension and the stress
    The retention of mindlessness
    Constant feeling of being depressed
    Just leave like a bird out the bird nest
    I don't mean to get lovey-dovey
    But the way you grab your hunny bunny
  18. I like mei

    Joking, I'm just a little high

    I like apple pie

    And I hate bill nye

    He's that weird science guy

    Please don't hate

    I'm gonna go procrastinate
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