KaW Freestyle Cypher 2K17ish

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  1. Did someone say Rap God?
  2. I see some haters hatin
    Kinda peaks my inspiration.
    Hope that I'm #requoted
    in some derogatory statement!

    Ill put some bars in you boy
    Ill leave scars on you boy
    Then Ill go & choke your boss,
    for the t@rd he employs!

    Ill put some spies in ya life
    Leave ya pinned for days
    There's a cost to be the boss
    And yall lost in my shade!

    The cost? I done paid it
    The game? I done played it
    Winning every confrontation
    in situations you created!

    Man I do rap like its p.v.p
    and yall slow off the snap like RG3! :lol:
    Yall blind... soon will start to see
    Im king, well at least arguably!
  3. You're either with us or against us
    America's mentality in a nutshell
    Pick a side and try not to offend us
    News only showing one side of what sells
    Hatred is hatred unless you're in the minority
    Then it's okay to be violent it's just swell
    Freedom of speech isn't the same for everyone
    But if you think that actually sucks well

    Welcome to the future
    Mysoginistic pollution
    The voice of entire nations swallowed
    But I think that there's a solution
    Sit back and enjoy the show now
    Kick back, relax and let go now
    Wait your turn, watch and learn
    As the world burns

    The problem is really simple
    rose tinted glasses that everyone's into
    The American dream is really just that
    Alternate facts, storytime just fictional
    Both sides want to control you
    They both lie just to hold you
    The truth is right in the middle of them
    But they don't want to let go dude

    Welcome to the future
    Mysoginistic pollution
    The voice of entire nations swallowed
    But I think that there's a solution
    Sit back and enjoy the show now
    Kick back, relax and let go now
    Wait your turn, watch and learn
    As the world burns

    Welcome to the future
    Mysoginistic pollution
    The voice of entire nations swallowed
    But I think that there's a solution
    Sit back and enjoy the show now
    Kick back, relax and let go now
    Wait your turn, watch and learn
    As the world burns

    Open up your eyes man
    See through all the lies and
    The truth is that we're all the same
    Once you quit picking sides than
    You'll see that they're trying to divide us
    With hatred and boldface lies just
    To keep the votes on their side Cuz
    If we stood together they can't fight us

    Welcome to the future
    Mysoginistic pollution
    The voice of entire nations swallowed
    But I think that there's a solution
    Sit back and enjoy the show now
    Kick back, relax and let go now
    Wait your turn, watch and learn
    As the world burns
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  5. Gettin it the hard way
    Aint no time to take it easy
    From Charlotte to Broadway
    & everything in between it!
    Chasing this paper,
    I navigate the paper trails
    let a hater hate...
    Let em see how fast this tape'll sell!
    Overtime grinding,
    Ok Im paid, I speak the truth!
    Has money got me blinded
    cuz I wanna HAVE my cake & EAT it too?
    In that case call me Ray
    Cuz in that case I cant see
    But a place without monies?
    a place ion wanna be!!!
    So its all work & no play.
    I know Ill play when I'm done.
    So its back to the cave
    til I can say that I've won.
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    P.S, I really like your most recent one. Its very topical.
  7. The mash up!
    Beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gv1L2xshf4
    thanks to
    TOWER: Craig, jollyrancher,airport
    PiNkY: tonto, apple , church
    Life: Atlanta / Ice/ Bricks

    you wont find me on craiglist, but my flow is so raw it's like it was naked
    but check it
    i got some nice names
    Tower to PiNkY and Life in this game, am i worthy of fame?
    who is to say?
    I bash on this mash up so whos ready to play?

    My flow is so cold so you better think twice
    step up to bee and this flow will get ice'd,
    i know im your type, so jump on that plane and stay for tonight
    I'm wantin you now, im wantin you pronto,
    honey you down? dont worry 'bout tonto
    Ill be your escort, from the airport
    I dont wanna take the best of, lemme see you let off,
    Just a little steam
    i know you make dough, but im making cream,
    lucid to lucifer the screams in your dreams may just be a scene or so it may seem
    so tell me
    I know you've been hurt
    the apple of eden is stripped from your church
    but ill be the first to cop on the worst, ill show that youre worth
    more than
    any slickrick packing bricks for a hit
    any queen to a dime
    any means to the time
    any robbery to a crime
    another enemy just to find, that
    Im not a another jollyrancher
    nor am i atlanta
    but i know how to handle any dismantle when they are fragile
    so tell me you fathom!
  8. thanks lol
  9. They call me Pez cuz I spit bars
    Ate em like they was your medicine
    Got these flows spitting wetter than
    A freshman girl on a letterman
    Riddle me this who you know
    Can rewrite HOV like a veteran
    Spit this slick in the middle
    Go hard like Brady, competitive
    Hold up
    That was not the end, said it
    Was just the first predicate
    Wait your turn don't cut in line
    This rap game still has its etiquette
    I flip these lines around like fans watching Serena play tennis it
    Just isn't fair to even compare
    Cuz you all know I am better than
    Any one of these chumps that tries to take on my unfettered wit
    Better come prepared to have his ass in hand by the time I have ended it
    If you don't think its true put money where your mouth just rented it
    But until you can just sit your ass down and prepare for my rethoric
  10. Yo it's ya boi wattz back at it again
    Doing things I shouldn't meeting karma again
    It was 1 am I was chilling with the homie
    We saw the car pull up just like they know me
    Didn't recognize the plates
    Lack of cautions my mistake
    They popped off like 20 something shots
    Got hit a few times now I'm laying on the block
    While they drive away laughing packing some glocks
    Everything turned white
    And everything was fine
    No more pressure
    No stress in my mind
    God showed himself to me
    Faithful is what I promised to be
    So now I'm feeling blessed
    My life was put to the test
    Got these wounds and the pain
    But otherwise I'm okay
    Now if you ask where i been
    You'll know what I'd say.
  11. It's Snoopy d.O.G,
    Back from the underground,
    So yeah like I've been lurking around,
    But so far I ain't liking what I've found,
    Just seeing a lot repeating,
    And raps with not a whole lot of meaning,

    Like all the trash I've been getting,
    This stuff is ridiculous,
    Like man, I may be taking stuff out,
    But don't be handing me ya garbage,
    Like I don't really get what I have to do to get y'all to remember to make some competitive tunes.

    All these people trying to top me,
    Hate me, love me, want me or even want to kill me,
    Please show some respect,
    I've been here since the Cyphers begun,

    Like what y'all little kids even doing in here,
    Like you don't think I can't be in the top 10?
    Ha. That's funny, but sir watch out imma bout to top them. You raging now?
    Ha, sit down little boy,
    Stay down little boy,
    I warned you little boy,
    I'm back in town little boy,
    Watch your back little boy,
    Peace out little boy.
  12. Drake you down
    beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5jKPd_wgxM

    Miss dayna i know you gon' feel me on this one, lets get it
    Im smooth
    Im like butter on a pan
    yeah you gotta understand that
    there is no other man that'll hit like i can, but i got another plan
    so listen
    i got a little proposition
    instead of switching up positions
    just blow a couple kisses ,while i keep my fingers twisted
    i guess im in a zone
    hit me on my phone when you feel that youre alone
    ill be a figure to a sister
    like a pistol to the trigger
    pull to make it bigger you'll love it when im with ya yup
    Ill take that body down
    we'll take it a little slow
    pay attention to that body from your head to your toes
    so tell me what you need, what you wanna do?
    Call me young fien' , im just wanting you
    Watch your body movin' free, when you dance with killer bee
    My body on your body, all over like a T
    you're the type to front
    but i know you think im sweet
    i heard that you a freak inbetween the sheets
    so take a chance, you know that i deserve yah
    i dont work at Macca's but i can still serve yah
  13. You sound like a clown dipStick can't even make it rip eggflippy mick your daddy is a dick
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  15. Look
    If you had
    One shot
    Or one opportunity
    To seize a small boy in your enclosure
    In one moment
    Would you capture him
    Or just let him slip?

    His palms are sweat, life's bleak, child is heavy
    There's a sniper aimed at him already, moms upsetti
    Park service, they're nervous but they look calm and ready to embalm, but they keep on regretting what they shot down, the internet goes so loud
    They open their mouths, but the memes wont stop now
    Provoking, how, everyone's revolting now

    (Not mine but funny)
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  17. I'm obviously the best
    Putting my skills to the test
    Voices in my head screaming put them to rest, my rhymes are hotter than Ryan Seacrest.

    I'm not crazy it's just that compared to me your skills are lazy. Hit you with rhymes so fast yo mind starts to get hazy.
  18. Reading through these posts,
    is really nothing more than a waste of my time.
    You see, most of the rhymes are made on the dime,
    their authors just trying to boast.

    But you see, thats not what rhymes are about,
    so just sit right where you are,
    before you go off and pout,
    and listen to what i have to say.

    All of you self proclaimed rappers,
    that are steadily popping your flappers,
    don't slow down to see how your words weigh.

    Now, rapping is more than you think,
    most assume its about how you live as a thug,
    but that aint how true artists take their drink,
    because Static just proved he's here for nothing but some love and a hug.

    Now, i know what's running through your minds,
    ya'll think i'm some type of clown,
    the truth is, i just want to see some good lines,
    the type that'll make a man drown.

    Some take this rhyme,
    and hang it in your study.
    i mean it as nothing but a sign,
    from Milly, your good buddy.
  19. Lmao u wanna see a man drown?
    Then allow me to entertain you.