KaW Freestyle Cypher 2K17ish

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  1. You justa trick,
    and I stay stuntin ninja
    You justa mark ass target,
    and I stay huntin ninja
    You a talkin out ya ass,
    but never say somethin ninja
    Now you should sit ya ass down,
    before I break somethin ninja.

    Your ass is trash and wouldnt last without me
    you justa putty kat that gets smashed around me

    Ya weak ass word play is mute cuz I stopped listenin
    I just see ya whack ass name and I start dissin it.

    you the weakest of the rappers that I've faced here
    Daph should delete ya crap its justa waste here

    you always gonna be a lame whether you like it or not
    a peasant ass scrub whether you fight it or not
    you got that rub a dub dub rap whether you write em or not
  2. Lol Crimson your way to simple, got those rhymes like Beverly Cleverly
    I spit it rotten like festering lepracy

    This is the Diary of a Wimpy kid when he grows up blows up goes up throws up so hold up ya getting those Chucks in ya face till ya sewed up

    This guy's Charlie who has escaped from Candy Mountian
    Now he's Bambi scountin
    with vulgarity (just like his clan) that'll have Ramsey spoutin
    ya beating me is the day the earth reverses polarity
    I donate to myself- no charity
    I am here to prepare the weak
    Ya not funny no parody

    See now about bury you im turning up, 2017 just started and you already gassed up.

    Thinkin that ya can really flex steel
    I'll lay the rest', evil and have ya "head peeled"

    Thinkin ya top dog till I make the best "heel"
    Bring a cheat sheet cause my test's ill

    Thinkin in a higher echelon way I perfect skill
    Get yo halves cut off like it's the best deal

    Thinkin Good or bad I'll eat you like it's the next meal
    Ya don't know how ya blood on my chest feels

    THINKIN YA NICE CRIMSON when ya need to just chill
    This target's locked waiting for his "next kill"

    But im thinkin ya game's basic like a beta test field
    This craft is immeasurable no way ta access skill

    Thinkin ya time's up like I'm claimin a debt bill
    Shots fired way I be maiming these vets ill

    Thinkin upon thinkin this is how I request bills
    Nothin but sinister thoughts leave this head filled
  3. Keep it going bro we having fun now
  4. You a no talent havin, lick ass, ninja
    I aint talkin strong arm, you just lick ass ninja
    I stay strapped in the trap and I get cash quicker
    then ya pro ass swalllows king sized snickers
    You aint got the balls to enter my Backyard ninja
    I'll rip the lungs out ya back, call me Ragnar ninja
    Ya rednosed ass makes me laugh hard ninja
    But the joke's on you when the straps bark ninja

    Enough clownin around though
    I'll put ya body in the ocean but ya head in the ground though
    you'll feel the knife in ya throat but you wont hear a sound though
    ya girl sayin she miss ya but she lettin me pound though
    I got it in her box and I'm lettin them rounds go
    I'd let ya ass watch but ya head stuck in ground though
  5. Damn, burns is back in the thread again
    Feels like a chill in the air
    Like come on y'all get ready get set again
    We bout to bust on these lines
    Like a first date with no gentleman etiquette
    First I gotta shout out to static
    I miss your verses, they were so damn competitive
    Brought out the best in my rhymes
    There's no denying, it's hard to be better than
    It's like every line I dropped
    You had a response or a witty predicate
    It's like we was in a tug of war with no motion
    It was static haha that was funny get it kids?

    Back to the purpose at hand though
    I took a little hiatus this last year
    It took more than I thought becoming a father
    Priorities had to be shifted to last gear
    Had to get with the program
    To grow up and take on this mantle
    There's no explaining the weight that is placed
    When you make life so precious and fragile to handle
    You feel like there's nothing you wouldn't do
    Drop off of the face of the planet
    Go toe to toe with the devil
    Or just make a deal with him, God dammit
    You told me once how it felt
    But dammit that don't do it justice
    This kid is my everything
    There's no more me or I there is just this
    Unexplainable need to protect her
    From every imanigable evil
    Keep her out of the darkness
    I would do things simply inconceivable
    Damn man, this is just crazy
    I'm so blessed just to know her
    I think being a father is crazy but
    I actually watched the love of my life grow her

  6. Most of wack with yall wack raps,
    And please go back to school and get your head back#liteBars
  7. Could requote the whole thing and call it another masterpiece, Burns, but we are way beyond that! You are one of my favorite lyricists in this world, and your wordplay is sick as ever and stands alone on its own feet. Mad props, old friend! Wish anyone in my life was half as witty as you are! You're gonna be a cool ass dad, man.

    Hoping everyone comes on and we can really get things heated up in competitive banter! Thats why I played KaW. That was my haven from life.
  8. 2017 first time at it
    Been on and off kaw like im an addict
    Trying to get them carrots (silver bars) so i can munch on em like a white rabbit
    But my rap is wack
    So ill probably wont be back
    Judge my rap and i wont give you a slap
    ...#ebfairy lmao
  9. Yeah you know everybody sleeping on the boy
    Yeah I been chilling scheming up a ploy
    I'm not one to be on the block packing a toy
    Just know that you will never catch a ninja slippin
    I mean you must be tripping
    Cause you're hiding and dissing
    While I'm busy swinging and hitting
    And you will never see me quitting
    Don't even think you can be on my level
    I got those deep lyrics I pulled from my mind
    And yes I am a bit mental
    That doesn't mean I can't be gentle
    I never really had anyone parental
    But this isn't a sob story so I think I gotta go
    I'm running out of flow
    I think you already know
    That once I'm in my zone
    I'll never leave you alone
    Took a few years but I finally grown
    I mean I'm still a kid that I have to own
    And I always will be till I'm sitting on the throne.
  10. You think you sittin on a throne
    But it's really a toilet
    You got delusions of grandeur
    So allow me to spoil it
    You must be trippin to think you'd rule here, fool
    So let my murderous lyrics send your ass back to school
    No guts, no glory, you got this game distorted
    Sit your ass on the porch, you done been reported
    You think you come in my house and act like a G?
    I'ma old school gangster, musical mercenary
    When something gets in my way, I go through it
    Don't need no reasons, I just like to do it
    I'ma player, word slayer, a forum agitator
    I'ma steal your honey and make you a hater
    You gotta have heart son, if you wanna rule
    It takes more than a throne and acting like a tool
  11. Someone get Baljeet up in here
  12. Don't let your dreams be dreams
    My name jeff
    Str8 outta Compton
    I'll have two number 5s
    A number 9 large
    A number 7
    With extra cheeze
    Don't let your memes be dreams
  13. You dont really want this drama, boy
    Ill pop the glock at the top of ya momma, boy

    my flow hot like its locked in a sauna, boy
    You'll get dropped like Obama did Osama, boy

    You a common boy
    My checks fat, and they stacked wit them commas, boy

    I wouldn't be surprised if ya notta boy
    cookie in ya pants, no use for a condom boy

    K.O round 1, ya name must be Ronda boy
    and you can call me Dahmer boy
    Cuz I'll eat ya face off a plate wit some siracha boy.
  14. Ok thats weird...
    You are known for eating flesh?
    And spitting rapid ryhmes
    Like you think you're the best?
    Ok then, Crimson
    But to that, I say no sir!
    I only END you on a track,
    To give your ass some closure!
    You said poppin a Glock
    But dont do it 'round my momz
    Her street name is Dynamite
    So whats a gun to a bomb?

    On a track with savages,
    You bringin me this ratchetness?
    bussin raps like Static did
    Kid, you still need to practice it!
    Put your back into it
    ...dont just turn ur back on it.
    I'll put a brain in a dummy
    So you can finally tackle wits :roll:

    Taking the beast down
    Im grabbing life by the horns
    Forums is street now
    And I'm quite nice with my form!
    But keep ya head up
    Keep fighting, I respect it.
    But keep ya rap on the dl,
    so no one will know I rekt it!
  15. They calling me the storyteller
    Rapping like Hitchcock i'm not gory fellas,
    Suspenseful with this pencil still
    Remorseless but more wolf than yela

    Hated on by these Trumped up clowns
    Jaded songs and these thugs uptown
    Shady's mom ain't so ****** up now
    That he made his millions, but got up somehow

    What you fools don't understand is
    That it ain't cool to just play pretend wit
    Actin hard like you filling bodybags
    But we all know all you fill is a sandwich

    I could talk about hard times
    Fill up some bars with hard rhymes
    Artistically roll off some smart lines
    Full of satiracal banter, but bars lie

    I may have had it a little bit worse off
    Than some other people but still Nerf soft
    I never caught bullets, so first off
    Let's just be real and not word toss

    Quit acting tough like you mister gangbanger
    Your mommy's credit card says it just rang up
    Another set of crystals, so stop it just hang up
    This phony tough guy persona you totally made up
  16. Phony personel. I smelt the burning bridge it happens as fast as the towers falled. It happens easy just click click. ba ba ba bang what the hell are u kids really tryna say to each other mane? Ha. Its funny calling shots but the ambition of what u give couldnt make u a killing just another lord new man of the game taking into the filling calling off beats of forfillment for the fact of a rhyme is nothing but voice infrigment with pigments dirty mane wallow tough pill to swallow. Ima get carried up off the stand after this im left broken from friends and people so its a well golden time to take it and make it to something into the greatest but far down i cant overcome it. Its deep down into a motion but its read and made into a broken coaching to be friend me again but thats just the motion.. so im leaving and the days are far from over. But ima spit one time and one beat and hopefully itll make a bigger difference if u actually intended to listen. Z-Monsta a man broken from pain and chillings what is there left to say. About the aggrivated fools and distance? Oops. Im off goodbye to the rest of time capsule flush down the toilet make a bigger difference tomorrow. Because the big thing is seized up into the moment real ****.. wonder why its so cold friend? I go through life and im a dull soul. So heres every bar you earned for heres everything you couldnt get them others knocking at your door for.. just me broken dreams and life is golden to me. So ima make it 0 to 100 g. its all just **** in between. Get it.. By any means.
  17. When I step up to the mic
    I got a minute to spit it
    I put the energy in it
    Over the DJ that's spinning
    All the while I gotta keep
    The synonyms swimming
    Up in my head until I drop the mic
    And I independently win it
    Nobody does it better and
    You can say that again it
    Just goes to show that all I know
    Now is I got my title defended
    If anyone got the recipe than
    I'm actually interested
    Cuz I just go from memory and
    Drop bars just like I invented it
    You can place me up right now
    alongside of the greats
    There's no one other than me
    Myself and I deciding my fate
    If anyone thinks that they can just
    step up to this plate
    Than I encourage it,
    I eat MCs and I've been starving of late
  18. What the hell is this garbage
  19. Go hard or go home
    I said spit bars or you gone
    It doesn't look like you got any talent
    So if you can't step up than move on
    Bringing it back to challenges
    I throw up flags and it's on
    I getting lyrical advantages
    When I get that spiritual zen zone
    Fire is too hot to handle so I been keeKeeping it frosty
    This is a factual ramble and I can tell that I lost thee
    I said lemme just dumb it down for you man
    I feastin and glossy
    Momma told me if I can't say nothing sweet than just keep it salty
  20. Get a life you sad freak.