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    This thread just made me kill myself 
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    I will be watching this thread throughout 2k17

    I will be removing any breaching posts without notice, you know dis.

    Don't rap? Step back, I be merging you out with my mod knack.

    That's the best my drunken mind can come up with... these threads are an institution and a tradition in kaw. Keep on topic, rap in formula, and everything will be ok.
  3. Christmas came and past
    New years is coming fast
    Only five more days left
    In 2017 I'll prove I'm the best
  4. Growing up I never really got to see love
    And when my friend got shot I lost faith in up above
    When you're young they tell you lifes not all that fair
    But when they took his life were you even there
    I remember the next day I woke up and all I could do was stare
    A man age 20 shot and dead in Colorado
    They threw the body over a bridge and pulled off full throttle
    When I saw his name in the paper all I could do was cry
    I asked the lord right then why couldn't I be the one to die
    Stupid girl got her karma and now she's waiting to fry
    I remember the last words you said to me
    "Ignore the haters stay true"
    That's what imma do till I'm thrown in my tomb
    And if you even knew half the stuff I been through
    You fake wannabe thugs wouldn't be fronting tryna act cool
    Man it's a damn shame
    All these kids see is the money and the fame
    But be careful or you'll end up like my homeboy Dame.

    R.I.P D.J.
    Mar 9, 1994 - May 28, 2014
  5. I have a sense of humor something ya'll don't get
    I'm like a dragon with all these flames I spit
    Never once did I claim to be a thug i'm just me
    The truth is you can be anyone you wanna be
    So don't sit back just accepting your destiny
    Just be yourself and do whatever you want
    Cause if you don't in the future your past will haunt
    I'm just an old soul in the body of a youngin
    If any of my friends need me know I'll be coming
    Don't even worry you know I gotchu my dude
    Wether it's clothes, help, money or food
    I came a long way in my dirty pair of shoes
    I went from negative to positive now I'm feeling alright
    And to all you haters out there ready to pick a fight
    Grab some weed, roll it up and give it a light
    Most you rappers aren't in my lane
    Honestly you're kinda lame
    And since i lost my boi Dame
    I ain't ever been the same
    What a shame
    People hating over the fame
    Fighting over cars and planes
    I swear ever since I came
    I done messed up the game
    One day they'll chant my name
    When I'm up on that stage
  6. Without music, it just looks like angry poetry.
  7. Another year!
    Last was flippin like an acrobat
    Tried to catch me slippin
    But the realest had to come back!
    Some haters? I stay havin that
    So keep the green inside my habitat
    You rappers playin like Cabbage Patch
    ...ain't even half of 1 Static rap

    I mean, I was king? still true
    Have to skills to kill you
    And these are FREE lessons
    ...so imagine what a Mil do!
    I got that Cosby rap,
    All it wanna do is feel you
    Thought "NO" meant no clothes
    And "EW" was from the mildew :lol:

    Ok, I cant even...
    Still laughin @ that last line
    I said no more Cosby jokes
    Ok, so this is the last time!!
    It felt like it fit there
    Wait... cant say that either
    I mean go to sleep, girl
    Cant say NO to this ether!!

    Oh my, Ive derailed my own thoughts
    Was thinkin 2 things and got lost
    New plan though... since Im a boss
    Hit up some slopes & divy the cost!

    Sounds great? Mmk
    I really thought you'd dig it
    But judgin by that scowl
    ...Im thinkin that you didn't!
    Im thinkin thats forbidden
    From ever being written
    Its hidden in a murky haze
    Left for penmen when he's spittin!

    Its so much venom that u gettin
    I may never be forgiven!
    But a life outside this
    Is definitely a life worth livin!
    Certainly a lot more livid...
    Plus, there's a lot more women :lol:
    And so much energy to give...
    guess thats how I got my children :lol:

    Hahaha *gives you a letter*
    "You're due in court for your debts!
    My name is Static & its official
    that you been served by the best!!"

  8. My verses are sick like a man with a sex disease
    A std
    Like hiv
    Infecting all who screw with me

    So if step to me you best not to reply
    Caus if you do
    Ima be the reason ya die
  9. You trick ninjas can die quick/
    Ill put a bullet through ya eyelids/
    while ya wifey at the South Pole/
    eatin up all of my kids/

    I got no time Bozo ninjas/
    clap ya ass on the low low ninja/
    want to talk pie to the face?/
    I get that in boatloads ninja/

    I got good trees and top shelf/
    Rap Champ, I got belts/
    15 16 and 17/
    you Dr. Suess ninjas better watch ya self/

    Imma fat boy, I love cheese/
    A vegan ninja, I love trees/
    Imma eat my cake and have it too/
    If ya dont like it it, you can suck deez/
  10. Hi boys!
    do you like to get high boys?
    lemme show you one of my toys
    A three foot bong packed with good weeds of my choice

    and if ya dont smoke, I gotta chocolate for ya
    take a few I'll put em in ya pocket for ya

    Lets elevate
    rise above a land filled wit hella hate

    live that cloud life
    only smoke that grade A loud life

    I been smokin so long I choke on fresh air
    I roll blunts so long I can toke on next year
    Ya homie had a blessed year.

    But I aint gonna gloat about it
    Imma fill a gravity and toke the smoke up out it

    You should do the same thing
    see the bigger picture and step into the same frame

    bring up some ish that aint ever brought up
    and forget better ish than you ever thought up
    ninjas thinking to fast but you done slowed down and caught up.
  11. Sick of this oppression
    Under my discretion
    With a confession
    I have an erection
    In need of attention
  12. I want her soul and your soul!
    the whole things, no morsels!
    Imma keep droppin bodies till there are no more souls!

    Death is hobby and you all can get bodied!
    In public, the lobby,
    In private, the POTTY,
    by BLADE, or by SHOTTY!

    The rivers'll run red,
    and they'll run with all your heads,
    while I'm laying in my bed,
    dreaming about BODIES!

    Cities wills crumble.
    They'll morph into the jungle.
    The spirits will mumble.
  13. Crim I hate to say but you lacked on your last rhyme
    But at the same time
    I'm wack on all mine
    But I'm bringing back bars of godly design
    No more skeets and bap baps
    Just skill and real raps
    From the hood but we don't speak trap
    Just me and the squad popping caps
    Nah I can't front like that
    I wasn't a G walking with a strap
    I was the kinda kid to give a hobo a few dollars
    I always respect others and I love my momma
    She wouldn't want me wasting time to get slaughtered
    But that doesn't mean i was never mad and fought her
    Now I'm chilling at her grave drowning the pain with a bottle
    I just wish I had the chance to go back and tell her I love her
    We all make mistakes but don't hold onto the past
    Because if you do you'll surely finish last
  14. I think fast, switch fast, quick fast, quick as
    Immigrants say, "No habla ingles", at border-patrol fences
    Messin' with Canibus is senseless
    Divide my senses by six and you'll end up with triple sixes
    And triple the digits mean triple the spirits
    My light body to the third power will triple my lyrics
    I'm triple the threat, I'm triple my physical flesh
    I'm telling you, put your money on me, then triple your bet
    ‘Cause I won't be satisfied 'til I'm set
    'Til I got a triplex out in Tribeca with the skyline effect
    Rhyming is the nine-to-five that I manipulate best
    Eight hours of writing and memorizing a manuscript

    Yeee boiii spit back
  15. @ Classic

    Nothing I've said has lacked a damn thing.
    If you cant see the art then thats a damn shame.

    Im glad you realize you aint producing classics.
    Spend two bucks and change ya name to trash it.

    Thats what you should do with every verse you write down.
    Rip that ish up and burn it right now.

    Im not the kinda dude that'll bash a ninja...
    who am I kidding? yes I am.
    You better ask a ninja.

    Y'aint nothin but a buster, boy.
    When I come through,
    I'll slay ya whole crew,
    and name ya ass Custard, boy.

    and trust ya boy
    I got 300+ more days to crush ya boys
  16. Uh oh shots fired you better duck quick Crimson you getting kinda riled, who told you is wild?
    Man you suck, and the truth is vile.
    Your raps are like old clothes, its losin style.
    A wannabe gangster rapper to thinking he's almighty, such a foolish child.
    Cause im so fire I like to melt my haters.
    playig fire with fire, what makes you think hell is safer?
    They say im so sick I put this game in motion
    they say phaze's the coldest.
    so cold I can spit repeatedly until ur brain is frozen.
    and talk smack all I want until ur ribcage is broken.
    Forget being almighty, phaze is trojan.
    and i'll have you walk in shame realizing the great Yoloking wrote this.
  17. this fool got smacked all over the last two threads

    he keeps changing names, hoping we'll forget about em
    But I remember every part of smackin the bricks up out him

    he gotta lotta heart but that wont save a ninja
    Imma just play my part,rhyme some lines, and slay the ninja

    Its been real shino, but ya raps are garbage
    So step ya ass back while I unwrap the carnage

    you was just a steppin stone in 15 and in 16 you was invisible
    I've hulked all three threads my ass is invincible.

    A wall you could never climb
    A shadow that made sure your ass would never shine

    Thats me

    RiP ya rap game
    I conquered you
    saw your boo
    and then I came
  18. Even if I was invisible Crimson you still couldn't murder me.
    grab a worthless priest and even at your best you look like the worst to me.
    cause Ima sick fellow, coming with a crazy flow, man you got gibsta rhymes.
    your lyrics remedial, no sense. My lyrics are simplistic,
    making verbal assault a crime, while having a clear meaning like a
    middle finger sign.

    A deadly man I am were the hand is where the trigger lies
    and making sure this gun makes sure you and your sister dies.
    have you fearing me worst than a jew looking into das fuher's eyes.
    im not someone who lets scrubs slide and im not ganna let this problem fade.
    leaving you lost without any protection like when a condom breaks.
    Ima have more people crying for you like when they put you're hearse in a
    Go cry me an ocean, cause you still getting murked by the Kaw freestyle king 
  19. Do better, make me work