KaW Freestyle Cypher 2K17ish

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  1. Alright fam it's ya boi ᏊᏘTTZ coming at you from deep inside the lab brining you this sick nasty thread. Meechy aka Tha Rap King Of KaW will be here soon. Christmas is near bruh, but my boi Static quit KaW, hopefully he makes an appearance. On that note I'm not fancy or nothing and lowkey this is gonna look trash compared to 2015/2016 but someones gotta make this thread.

    We just wanna rap man
    If you ain't got bars leave

    No trolls here

    Got something to say?
    Say it with a rhyme

    Welcome to The Cypher!

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    Aight the new year is here
    Lemme hear you cheer
    Ladies in the front and fellas in the back
    Yo lemme know where my weed smokers at
    Anyone that tries to step to me gets dissed
    You know talk shh get hit
    Got dope lyrics they'll get bit
    Forget all the fakes let's get lit

    To all my homies future and past
    I pour some out my 40 oz glass
    I been slackin but I'm back perfectin my craft
    For now my time is up so this mic i think i'll pass
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    2016 is still going..
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    Same with 2015 we don't need thjs
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    Wattz got owned on the 2016 thread so this version is his attempt to stop people reading it.
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    For years, this was my life.
    Im still addicted to the lifestyle
    There's no more stages...
    No more bright lights now.

    So its a passing of the torch
    Was just the steward of the throne
    Was just a "Watcher" of a Cypher
    That took on a life of it's own!

    I LOVE to rhyme in rhythm
    And admire those that share my hobby.
    For years, I read yalls art
    It was cathartic for everybody!

    Youd have a hard time
    But we'd embrace you as a rapper
    We'd get your mind off life
    And help you close THAT chapter!

    Inspiration is how I led
    And always down for a challenge.
    Anyone can inspire you!
    That means everything was balanced!

    You gotta be sincere, here.
    Cuz they say youll recognize real
    In times, I recognized no one!
    Notice me with a weaponized skill!

    But hey, the good die young
    So you know only the best die.
    So R.I.P to Aaliyah
    Biggie, Pac, and Left-Eye!

    A shoutout to my friends.
    A shoutout to my sweetest fans!
    Keep rap alive and street
    Until the day we meet again. :)

    If you're going to do this, Wattz, then know you're taking on a certain responsibility to forums. I NEVER once came here with an agenda to do ANYTHING, except get the KaWmunity involved in rap/poetry. To share with these beautiful minds, my life, and my idea of art! I miss it, but my time is long gone. Dont ever quit flowing, KaW! We had some very fun nights. (;

    Best of luck for 2017!
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    Saved by the real static. Well played
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    Do you have anything better to do than **** on people online?
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    ^ uh oh is a cat fight bouta happen?!
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    The kaw Freestyle King back at it again
    Almost a new year,brand new,
    Just refurbished, Back in service,
    I'm here to serve hits,
    for thou who nervous,
    These discerned twists, i spit,
    flow like water, dont barter,
    With me for Verbal man Slaughter,
    Only thing i harbor,
    Is a diseased mind, in which i deviate crimes,
    as if those thoughts were mine,
    Came long before my time,
    so do good lies create wise?
    I surmise, that these cats havent been circumsized,
    Have you realized, That Yoloking will bring your demise?
    100 times, gives me 100 rhymes, to blast 100 guys,
    I'd use a gun, so i wouldnt bake my mind.....
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    Im here.....show me some love all my children, you can call me Shino, Meechy, or Yoloking. Just gimme some hugs
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    It's been a while now
    Since I last laid down a rhyme
    Been playing quiet now
    Just waiting for the right time
    Let's see if I still know how
    To make the words fly
    To lift the verses high

    You just never know
    When inspiration strikes you
    And you've got to show
    What you can still do
    What rhythm you can flow
    To make the words fly
    To lift the verses high

    Never claimed to be a rapper
    Just like to make it flow
    Rhyme's a better capper
    Than any other form I know
    Don't need to be a rapper
    To make the words fly
    To lift the verses high

    So what am I saying here?
    Nothing to shake the street
    Just keeping what I love near
    Just poetry to a good beat
    Just want to raise a cheer
    To make the words fly
    To lift the verses high

    It's not much but I hope y'all will enjoy.
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    Yo I never claimed to be the king
    My boy meechy got words that sting
    Static showed up to show the homies love
    I'm ready to drop words like bombs
    Death from above
    "You're a fake rapper you're no thug"
    Why don't you step up
    I'll show you how I does

    With this rap stuff I'm fluent
    Everyone know I'm the coolest
    These new kids are trash
    What the hell you doing
    You have no skill bruh
    What tf is you proving
    Step up to the best
    And you will get ruined
    Please try me dawg
    My anger is brewing
    Roni quit talking
    You kinda sound stupid

    If you think you can
    Come and take shots
    Show us how you rockin
    Up on the block

    Enough talk for now let's start some battles
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    Supa hot fire..
    I spit dat.

    All da booty..
    I get dat.

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    Just because you've been given the "L" plates wattz , doesnt equivelent you to being talented enough to steer this thread. Jumping into the deep end , Arm bands are a must for you because ill sink you like lead. you gonner drown before you can swim, better have on your rubber ring ,cause my riptide gonner pull you under , you dont have the rap skills to stay afloat. Keep staying in my shadows wattz trying to steal my thunder . You are a rap outcast- a joke. ,You didnt even have the words to reply back on the 2016 thread ,you was verbally choked . Wattz is still in training pants needing to ask permission before making this thread.You aint headstrong ,you aint your own man, you are just a immitator of all those with more finesse , bring it wattz and ill watch you capsize and sink to your kaw death. Putting squirtz like you wattz in their place is my natural habitat like a duck to water .and if you think you have a chance in hell to stop me you gonner get slaughtered. You better have a line of defence , you about to meet your maker , let the battle commence .
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    Alright lil girl you wanna keep this going
    You're only a joke who thinks she's flowing
    Not sure more than two of your bars rhyme
    Allowing you to rap that must be a crime
    I think you need to slow down take your time
    You say that I have no skill
    But that's funny cause It pays the bills
    You may not see me up in the lights
    But doesn't mean I won't headline tonight
    Your lyrics are a pain
    Do you even have a brain
    You're just another lame
    That jumped on the hate train
    Honestly that's a damn shame
    Don't take this as I actually care
    You know I had to come and hand you an L
    Your rap "career" ends here
    Might as well leave and cry to Adele
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    Jumped on the hate train ? The only train you need to jump on , is to learn how to be a unique in your own right. All you are is a robot mirror image of others, You have no followers chanting your name, Just read worldchat and you'll see that i am the critically acclaimed . Nerds always want to be around the elite , fat kids want be around the slim, the poor want to be ammong the wealthy - ugly wattz wants be around the stunnerz. But no matter what group you join , the div that you are dont fit in.
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    The recurring nightmare ,a day in the life of wattz , never ending turmoil , chip,chip,chip the tension keeps rising making the pressure boil. Every day it's a burden walking around being wattz, his cross just keeps getting heavyier.All the lies he tells burying him , dragging him to a pitch dark place , there's no light at the end of the tunnel , everywhere i turn i see roni fists clenched giving me another pummel !! Headaches build up " why am i such a loser - a one hit wonder " Everything i try do is just another blunder. 2017 a year to cast off the leper that i once was. A fresh start to accomplice all that i never had when my head was in the dark. Fresh starts - new beginnings , cast off the fake act that i have sheltered under for far too long. i accept defeat roni , i am sorry, i was wrong.
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    Can't see your wrongs, all I see is right as I long for the days we staying up all night. Hireing allies no sleep nothing but stealing all night I don't really know the words so this post I'm gonna swerve  I got wog incoming live an there teamed effort get on my nerves...
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    Kill it with fire