Happy 8TH Birthday KotFE

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by RedHotVixen_MaCHiNE, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. I remember being in kotfe 5 or 6 years ago
  2. Happy birthday
  3. Happy Birthday Kotfe & thanks always for your hospitality
  4. Salty boys, go home. Take your revolutionary horse hockey to someone who cares.
  6. Birthday over
  7. Just because you don’t understand basic forum policies doesn’t mean you have to go around being salty about it. Refresh yourself on the ROC and TOU and it’ll help you greatly, my guy.

    Stay blessed!
  8. I have this suspicion its all the same guy endlessly talking to himself and agreeing in hopes that he can actually send threads off topic. Same accounts on every thread saying exactly the same thing. 5 years ago Ida sent devs a line to check the IP on those accounts.

  9. This post is off topic. Lock thread please.

  10. And did they check the IP?
    For what reason would they check the IP?
    And if they are the same,who cares?
  11. I was being sarcastic because of recent inconvenient experiences with locks. Did that point not come across?
  12. Quite basic knowledge sending IP bans is both a security flaw and useless. An IP is about as easy to change as your shoes.
  13. It was clear, did you not catch my sarcasm? Maybe you are as ignorant as you seem, man.
  14. Errm.. Doesnt sound like sarcasm in the slightest to me. Sounds like another person triggered by people speaking out against your precious moderators.
  15. Sounds like demon derailing and ruining someone else’s thread as usual. What an imbecile.
  16. Heres to another 8 yrs
  17. Happy Birthday Kotfe friends....even though I was deemed unfit for Kotfe.thanks Bad Girl ...Oh you retired :)))
  18. Miss you guys1 Been a long time since I played along side you guys. Happy 8 years!

  19. Standing the test of time. Kudos. Happy birthday fam