Happy 8TH Birthday KotFE

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  1. Happy birthday kotfe ; love fighting you ; proud; strong ; loyal fighters
  2. Happy Birthday KotFE. Great group. Fun,helpful, and loyal. A pleasure bein here. Ty for thread Vixen.
  3. That’s fact 
  4. Happy 8th Birthday Kotfe!!  after seven years of playing you guys have been my enemy the entire time . I have had a lot of fun, made great friends on your side. Congrats Kotfe. Keep fighting the good fight and keep it classy!!!


    ZAFT Carnage Leader
  5. Happy birthday Kotfe!!! I am so glad and proud to belong to this family of awesome individuals.
  6. Happy Birthday KotFE

    8 years is impressive.

    It’s been a pleasure fighting you guys.

    Also, I believe someone mentioned cake? 
  7. Happy bday guys! Been a crazy run eh ? Lol ....no place I'd rather be ! Let's ride this out till the breaks fall off !
  8. Happy birthday to former clannies, all the fighters prior to me and all the new blood since my time there. Enjoy yourselves and let the haters keep hating!
  9. has it really been that long? :shock:
  10. With all the changes that have happened in KAW, to not only still be around after 8 years, but to successfully grow and continue as a force to be reckoned with is quite an accomplishment.

    Happy birthday!

    If allowed, I’ll stop by because I suspect there will be booze, cake, and midget strippers.

  11. Happy birthday every one.
  12. Happy birthday Kotfe 

    It’s been an pretty rad 2 and a half years and I look forward to celebrating all the rest of our birthdays as well

  13. Unfortunately the midgets cancelled, I’m pretty heartbroken over it
  14. Congrats you guy's on 8 year's
  15. Lots of cake and beer flowing...
  16. Happy Birthday and Wish you all many years of enjoying kaw
  17. *their

    Someone can’t spell for their life.
  18. Don’t care for spelling, clearly you do .
  19. 8 long years and still the strongest osw family clan in Kaw ️ Happy Birthday and let’s keep winning at everything we do 

    #HateUsOrLoveUsWeStillTheBest 