Happy 8TH Birthday KotFE

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    Since the invention of guns the way of swords, lances, and, axes had slowly faded. With the fire emblem, these ways have been brought back to wreck havoc on the face of evil


    8 years ago back in 2010 Xioxas made a thread for his new clan. This was back in the days of KaW where threads were the clan, before we got the Clan System we have now. And that is how Knights of the Fire Emblem was born

    When Knights of the Fire Emblem was created, the core of the clans ideals were based on allowing members to play and enjoy the game their way independently, but to came together to war and kick asses throughout KaW having each others back and embarking on adventures and journeys together- We still stand by those original core values today


    On behalf of KotFE we would like to thank all its members past and present, for being so awesome, so energetic, so supportive! We would like to thank our allies, our family, for being so damn amazing and for their friendships. We would like to thank our enemies past and present for being great sports and giving us a lot of fun over the years 


    As part of our Birthday, We are celebrating 8 years on KaW For 8 days! Celebrating the different things we have enjoyed over the years

    We have been celebrating the community spirit by helping out clans with unlocks, dropping horns at starter clans.

    Celebrating EE wars with some good old fashioned home run Wars.

    We will be celebrating Eb's and their impact on KaW, Trains, events, NK NK

    Celebrating strips with our own little StripFest

    We will be hosting a good old fashioned System War - Battle of the Sexes


    Next week will see the return of our most talked about and favourite- the one and only .. (and we hope everyone will join us for this)



    So we thank everyone again who has been involved with us over the last 8 years. Its been a blast!!!! Here's to the next 8 years- Cake for all

    KotFE Lord
  2. So proud to be apart of this family. We have grown together, able to adapt the old and new KaW keeping OsW alive and fun.
    Happy 8th Birthday to all my family. Love you guys and without you I wouldnt still be enjoying this game.

    KotFE Lord
  3. Oh god 
  4. Happy Birthday. In those 8 years we’ve been enemies, friends, and other stuff too. Congrats on surviving 8 years in KAW!!
  5. Happy 8th birthday KotFE☢️

    I'm very proud to be apart of this awesome family. I like most of you still 

    Billy ☣️
    KotFE Lord
  6. Oh God what’s this trash...take this off the thread...
  8. Only reason they have a dozen nubs are for ebs once premium ebs stop there out of there!

    Stripfest Kotfe can’t strip for there life.

  9. Your welcome

    Bot fly exterminater
  10. Happy Birthday KotFE!! cheers to many more.
  11. Happy birthday KotFE
    Here’s to many more 
  12. Happy birthday family!
  13. Happy Birthday KotFE!! Mucho gracias fir the years of fun and many more to come!!
  14. Happy birthday KotFE, you guys have been amazing too me. :)
  15. Why don't you talk on your main anymore? Bless you lol.
  16. Happy Birthday KotFE, hey guys it's been an awesome ride thus far!!!!

    KotFE til the EnD for the WiN!!!!!

  17. lol they perma-banned all 3 of them many many years ago :) I keep asking them every couple of months to unban them but they refuse :)


    iPhone X 

  18. Last man standing wins (won't be long) ...ToddBacon for the win 
  19. Great alliance succeeded.

    The members suck all opportunist.

    Lets bring chaos and fight back in the game.

    For this, the Imperium needs to be destroyed.

    the republicans

    Ps: SP get rid of your chains
  20. KotFE 8 years old and getting stronger. Congrats fam!!