Chaos War Builds

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Zart, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. What is the best builds for this war type post your suggested build and why you think it's the best build for this war engine
  2. pure attack
  3. hybrid.....maybe, I'm for sure a building that has a lot of towers.
  4. And what makes pure atk best build ?
  5. Who dosen't want a big peice of spy meat on their team? So tender :D
  6. Hybrid not good at all
  7. Deva what do you think is best build for Chaos Wars
  8. Turtles
    Cuz they frustrate people wich makes choas and isnt that what this is all about X)
  9. Ally leader board, preferably in the top ten
  10. Lol that's funny
  11. Ask my alt Whitewolfassassin
  12. Heavy atk with good towers
  13. Towered guild hansel still rules
  14. Delmar ur adt wnt work well without adp and u probably taste good
  15. Im gonna go with attack heavy hansel with a fair amount of adt. You get the punching power of hybrids and are still dtw to attack builds when banked and the adt will keep other hansels an a good amount of hybrids at bay
  16. Where should I go from where I am at now seeing I'm still working on my hansel build should I add sdt and adt or what do y'all think post away I'll accept any tips
  17. Attack heavy hansel? I don't even have an emoji for how stupid that sounds.