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  1. Omfg your intellect numbs my brain. CF granted. *tries to improve noobs intellect* *throws dictionary at noobs face* either way, he clearly stated he will not turn a 1v1 to an OSW because one gets a few hits, he said if it is unfair the clan will interfere. Kingdoms at War not Clans at War. Fight the 1v1 and if it is unfair expect us your clan interferes with a 1v1, tough tits its an OSW . Simple as that.
  2. Wait....I thought you quit? Now you are telling people how to do things ? :lol: apparently awp is a joke, you are in their clan and already have the clan name in your banner
  3. No support that noob on top post. Werent you quitting bc your friend has cancer?
  4. Idk you so apparently your a joke. But we dont look too harshly at members past noobishness I and council and members will try to help the noobs up. But please go be a joke somewhere else.

  5. And let it beclear We have spoke to Maybilia we do not support trash talk in any sort of way. So do not let this reflect our clan. It wont happen again.
  6. Aren't you quitting in7 days?
  7. And support:-D
  8. Rise of the ANONs
  9. "Rise"
  10. "rice"
  11. I thought I was safe but the love follows me everywhere...

  12. You will never be safe.
  13. Expansion time.
  14. Support.
  15. Ahh when I seen anonymous I expect the guy fawkes mask everywhere lol. Goodluck with your clan
  16. Yes we are :wink: Act behind the shadows :-D
  17. Lol thanks.
  18. I fully support these guys. Kaw is a war game and pvp is wat its all about. If ur scared of them dont bite or be bitten back. Lol not only that their clan is fun as hell amd they keep it real.
  19. <3 thanks