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  1. Support, am looking forward to join in the near future.

  2. You're correct, i am an eb noob, so how about you take your sorry clan that chooses easy targets like me and strip farm me, i dare you. I was scammed, he said so, so he deserved what he got, when your clan decides to step up, come at me. And because i havent lost 10000 times like you, doesn't mean i'm an eb noob. The whole point of my last comment was that your clan wants members that back you but you don't back them. Follow me if you got anything else you wanna say
  3. Haha i can see you fear us.

    You started with saying your an eb noob. glad you accept it mate. most dont. You asked us to hit us then you tried to soften it n said im small. Haha. Your butt hurt. N lost billions. Gl in KAW i dont have time to waste.
  5. Im scared? Haha, i was being sarcastic, hit me, see what happens, i am not scared of your small clan, im not butt hurt, i just already know that you are all talk, i will never find you in my NF. If you ever wanna step up, come on.
  6. Haha ran back to outlawz.
    your warrior of the year already
  7. :| Trash talk from a scoutlaw

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Jk Rambo I love you
  8. Hey, kotfe, how about when AWP starts hitting us, all of apoc can jump in when they feel like they wont get hurt? Just like BH remember?
  9. I dont speak for Kotfe

    But someones got their facts mixed up. Its ok though. All of us werent meant to be bright
  10. Tehee so your saying Outlawz is a bully clan? Trying to crush AWP before we grow? Lol your trying to bait us to put you in CA so we can start an OSW n get crushed. Try again when we are bigger mate.
  11. I remember just clearly, but whatever makes yall feel like yall are good or whatever...
  12. Why put him in CA?... isnt that why 1v1s exist?
  13. Wow your calling out all of APOC. Scratch all i said mate you got balls.
  14. He wants us all to hit him apparently. He said we should be protecting our member. I keep trying to tell him its not my clans problem till its no longer 1v1.
  15. Once again, I dont speak for kotfe. Direct any insults at me.

    Same most likely goes to you. You think theyll back you up if you throw insults at big names?
  16. Kotfe isnt all of Apoc. This idiot isnt brave, just stupid.
  17. I just dont like the way that clan is ran, you are suppose to have there backs but they dont help you, but whatever, sorry for what i said AWP, goodluck with the clan️ if you feel the need to farm me or whatever, go ahead.
  18. Its called respecting 1v1 :roll: ever heard of a 1v1. The concept is quite simple.
  19. Everyone has their own opinions. I respect all opinions n i cant please everyone.
  20. Unlocks complete!!!