A New EB(For Smalls)

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  2. Support!!
  3. Thats unfair!! Equip that can hit tier5 if that happens how about the other equip?they become useless think bro
  4. Nah its small yea
  5. Scout the Bagel Warriors? Why dont we just eat them ;-)
  6. The way, in which the game is advancing,makes that new players only have 2 possibilities to grow fast(doing Rotwb or Hte if they can hit)...To grow has taken too much hours for me,but i dont mind...those who complain about new ebs for smalls are blind of the true situation of the game...I SUPPORT IT...if somebody has a complain,before doing it,check the real stat of the game,the players that leave the game(news and old)...
  7. Let's just have accounts automatically reset after 5 years
  8. Support but i would cut points per bar in half.
  9. Haha yea.
  10. Mbar 5,000 a a
    Blood Crawlerd 3,000 scount
    Vaguel warriors 2,000 a a
  11. I hate to say this, but I did think. I said that the equips shouldn't give them the ability to hit tier 5 ebs.
    So in the words of your choice,
    Think bro.
  12. I think Having A easier Eb For New Clans As Important As For New Players