 Knights of the Fire Emblem

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  2. Happy Birthday KotFE
  3. Happy Birthday fam
  4. Which Kotfe clan we talking about here?

  5. This :p
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  6. doesn't matter they all suck :p
  8. Happy 8th birthday Kotfe! Great family! keep it up..Kotfe rocks!
  9. Happy 8th Birthday!


    We dont die! We multiply!

    Great Family indeed!

    Kotfe Rocks!
  10. Happy B’Day !!
    ⊀ས།ᏀસŦร ๏ƒ ṭ̸સཇ 下།રཇ ☰ཀβᄂཇཀ
  11. Gotta wonder how many KotFE members know what Fire Emblem is
  12. Gotta wonder how many Zaft members knew what Zaft was.

    I don't really think it matters honestly.
  13. Shoutout to photobucket for being great the first 4-5 years of KaW and then turning our threads into this in 2018.
  14. Gotta love machine bosses being made into kotfe council and lords to keep them from leaving and keeping tags inside kotfe 95% of the time

    “MaCHiNe tag isn’t just a KotFE tag” - said every MaCHiNe boss ever
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  15. Anyways I bought some nike dri fit Mens leggings/compression pants....man I’ve been missing out on this my entire life....look at this point do you really think anyone cares about a clan that formed 8 years ago and the endless needless bumping of this thread for years as if this clan were somehow important to anyone in real life....tbh if you remain a member of a clan like this it just means you are a loser and have no real life friends so you play this stupidity 24/7
  16. This thread is one of the oldest threads in KaW. and the oldest clan thread - made before there were even clans to live in

    the threads were the clans

    this was part of the games history, these early players ij KotFE and other clans - set the game alight and without them there would be no KaW and people like you would have no where to be a complete uninformed idiot
  17. Nightmare machine certainly help shape kotfe .as a machine lord he left KaW and all third party apps because he turned out to be one of those men who liked collecting pictures of small kids without clothes.

    Kotfe called him a lord. The real world call him something entirely different.
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  18. I wonder how many people realize that MaChiNE tags were actually rebel machine tags adapted to kotfe much later. Rebel machine was one heck of a clan. Miss those days sometimes. Shout out to Wash if you still play.
  19. None of them realize that Echo... at the most, very few of them do.

    I warned MaCHiNEs years ago to leave kotfe. And now look. EB clans don’t even respect that clan tag. It’s lost its value as kotfe lost most of its original alliance. Apoc only consists of two original clans, and a bunch of after market osw clans. Not to mention they’ve allied with an alliance that was a long time enemy.

    Congrats on the length of time you’ve endured this game kotfe. Hell of an accomplishment. Lol!