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  1. Well good job there buddy keep up the good work!! ...if you're not an overlord yet or grand wizard (wth yalls titles are) they should make you one. 

  2. This guy is a wealth of kotfe history. Let's all thank him for showing how little the meatshields know.
  3. █◢◤•◢▄◣•▀█▀•█▀▀•█▀▀ █◥◣•█░█•░█░•█▀░•█▀░
  4. █◢◤•◢▄◣•▀█▀•█▀▀•█▀▀ █◥◣•█░█•░█░•█▀░•█▀░
  5. LOL added clans do u even know how many kotfe clans have been made and how many are in use bahahaha kotfe is nothing but a joke u must be new to think that kind of stupidity
  6. Why does the statless poo hole guy have so much butthurt about kotfe ? Did they hit him or is he just trying to be like some kind of forum tryhard trying to show how he can trash the most successful group of clans this game will have.
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. I really wish people would stop hiding behind stat less alts answer up with your main or fill my news feed

  9. so you find out my main whatcha gonna do? fail strip me? ...sorry I don't RP (lol)

    iPhone :lol:
  10. █◢◤•◢▄◣•▀█▀•█▀▀•█▀▀ █◥◣•█░█•░█░•█▀░•█▀░
    ▛▜ ▛▜ ▛▚ ▛▜ ▌░ ▌▞▚ ▛▜
    ▌◤ ▛░ ▛▜ ▛░ ▌░ ▌▌▐ ▌▐
    ▌◣ ▙▟ ▙▟ ▙▟ ▙▟ ▌▚▞ ▌▐
  11. Looks good
  12. this :)
  13. Much support for the coffee clam.
  15. Support to coffee clam..support to all eb warriors.
  16. About time someone posted with there main
  17. :lol: :lol: :lol: haha ahaha kotfe sux & u butthurrrrrrt :lol: :lol: :lol:

    BobDole is kewl
    Adonis is kewl
    SilverBullet is kewl

    There couple others but I forget ...the rest of you suck especially you you big butthurt dork you :lol:


    VitalStats you suck too :lol: ...u especially suck :lol: :lol: :lol: