 Knights of the Fire Emblem

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  1. That's funny when you see a lot of kotfe has not grown very fast we love osw not ebs
  2. In order to fight the war you gotta pay for the bullets!
  3. weres knights of the fire emblem now scrub?
  4. Coming from an iG member that is hilarious.  remind us how many time iG has closed then opened for recruitment then closed then opened then, yup u guessed it opened and closed
    But good to see your huge clan thriving now. Oh wait...Oops lol
  5. But at least were still around unlik this kotfe clam
  6. Yes the kotfe clam is awesome
  7. Bach either you can't spell or you can't count. Look a little harder brother you'll see plenty of Kotfe clans thriving, kickin butt and still takin names 
  8. Thriving  making me laugh all day adonis noob machine
  9. Noon? lost me a little. But always a good retort when you starts laughing at players names  you go girl
  11. Is there a minimum age limit on this game and does it get enforced ????has Kaw really got that boring lol
  12. I know right Lycan bro. But it's my fault as I'm actually replying to the kid. Started off w actually a little bit of good chat but I can see that's disappeared and as you say the kid has come out to play  so boys enjoy your game and maybe one day you'll be relevant enough to hit...oh who am I kidding
  13. Since when am I a kid? Spelt few words wrong and laughing at kotfe because there hitting ebs making me a kid This games 9+ so what are yall doing here either shoulden't you find a job rather then sitting on benefits 
  14. Adonis is kewl & theys cuple uders but kotfe do suck 
  15. Love the intro and even though I'm in an amazing clan I support you! Hope you have fun with you're new clan and good luck.  Grow big and strong! First new clan that I honestly hope makes it!
  16. Its not new.
  17. Your right it's not new. It's almost 8 years old, how old is your clan
  18. Isn't iG older lol?
  19. Yeah but not continuously active like honestly probably more inactive or near dead more time then it's been actually active ..and yes they've tried to "restart/rebuild" the clan more then a couple times
  20. Look at kotfe as a whole we are so active we have added kotfe clans