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  2. You’re wrong. There are several MaCHiNES outside KotFE. If you knew our history , you’d understand why a lot of us reside inside KotFE.
  3. where do the messages go?
  4. Does this guy play on another account pr anything? I mean if he came back would KotFE give him a high ranking role in the clan considering he inadvertently created a behemoth of a clan family? :lol:
  5. Just saw this thread, earlier when i joined KOTFE i didn't know how it was formed or who created it. Now i know it. Thanks to Jedi 😋
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  6. Kotfe sucks lol

  7. It was created by butthurt losers so they could connect and interact with other butthurts.
  8. Oooh, yeah huh.. Only thing worse would be a bunch of statless, clanless, dead acct-having trolls who only hit up forums to cry about better players.
    ...oh wait...

  9. ....butthurt losers who were never that credible; un coordinated, ran by a handful of people taking advantage of many others, perpetuating a cult like street gang mentality that turned into eb fairies and let any and all mutant sewer scum join their ranks. In other words.....

    ..B ...B ...B ...B ...B ...B
    .....Butthurt losers

  10. ...oh wait.... let's look at your weak battle stats

    ....see... ...you... ...are... an... ...eb... fairy...

    ...so.. ...maybe... ...shut... ...your... ...fat... ...ugly... ...face...

  11. ...since you've never been in real OSW. 😀👍
  12. I've said it before and I'll say it again .....Street gang mentality. And yes, exactly like a street gang. It's a handful of thugs/manipulators who have a certain target in mind and they manipulate and lie to their multitude of pions to do their bidding but they only offer empty promises.

    ...and like in RL the brainwashed pion followers claim they're not being taken advantage of and will blindly defend their manipulators to no end.
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  13. This 😀
  14. Lol hey Dean WashingMachine ...its nothing to be proud of, unless your proud of being one of the pions.
    (nevemind you probably enjoy being a gimp ...you're dad does)
  15. ive never seen someone so butthurt in my life. Congrats on being #1 in that department 🥳
  16. Yeah and you so butthurt you had to respond 🥳

    ....never seen a bigger loser then you congrats on being #1 in that department 🥳
  17. ...and be a good little pion and stop violating Kotfe rules and stop responding to me or else one of your grand poobahs, ....wizards (lol), whatever the hell your leaders title themselves as will get mad at you. Be a good pion and keep hitting that EB like the fairy you are. 😀👍
  18. Now this post brings back memories
  19. Where my OG kotfe at? Anyone remember Black Flame?