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  1. Apocalypse is the greatest in history of kaw?

    Vote : 1) Yes
    : 2) No

    Please give your reason why on what you have chosen.
  2. No. Apocalypse will not be the greatest because they are so naughty with their sick activity.
    Zaft carnage. Please don't drop that soap while showering, they still lurking.
  3. Welcome to The Family , Clan A Family and Eclipse
  4. Eclipse , Clan A 
  5. Yes we will smash and crash all. Nice thread
  6. Glad to be a part of this. Hello all! :)
  7. Of course you will smash & crash all sir . Your alliance is similar to a world power ,overwhelming troop & fire power .personaly i would much more respect a clan that stood on its own against insurmountable odds.Alliances are all well & good until they become monsters .
  8. Welcome to the family
  9. no support owner would not let me join i now wage war on entire clan
  10. So many chump clans in apoc
  11. SUPPORT....Welcome To The family,
  12. There was a time where I thought apoc served a purpose but those ideals have changed. Who needs another tyrant!!!

    I have some respect for a number of members in apoc clans but not as a whole now. Where are the days that clans warred each other?? Now it's just David vs Goliath.
  13. Welcome to the fam
  14. Apocalypse Sux! They only whine to shine
  15. Welcome to the end of the world. Apoc
  16. Team Aella ️️ whoop
  17. Soo many people butthurt, I'm sure apocalypse welcomes other clans to join in the fun, kinda boring since zaft down to 1 clan and the others barely hit as it is.
  18. Sad to see Wrath_of_God and Wrath_of_God academy and day of judgment leave apoc
  19. I love reading all the butthurt people that apoc crushed whining  your whole alliance is gone and they merge one clan and you think you are winning ? 