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  1. Good luck kids
  2. u is like 5 and metro of the young dun trust u
  3. Main clans are now used to house retired players? :lol: That's a new excuse to work around not admitting your alliance has weakened to the point it has to merge. Someone from KotFE please tell this guy to stop talking and making you guys look foolish.
  4. Come on. Let's not make fun of them. Their memory is not the best. This means a constant reminder of who they aren't allowed to farm is needed. Wait. I forgot I've heard they've stripped and farmed their own alliance members. :shock:
  5. Yes KotFE are currently weakened *rolls eyes*

    Keep repeating it "Emma" we have nothing to prove to you, and no desire to spell things out to you

    carry on trolling ;)
  6. Emma must be amar
  7. Welcome to the family Eclipse and Clan A 
  8. Welcome to the ✯Á̸PØĆ̸Ậ̸ŁұPS Ξ✯ fam! Eclipse and Clan A!!! 
  9. Lol! Of course we strip and farm between members! That's part of our initiation rite! If u can take it u're in for next test!
    The test also includes cutting ur right toe (to prove ur obedience), participating and winning a worldwide recognized song contest (we have the renowned KotFE whatsapp choir and if u join u must be part of it), being able to solve the Ferma theorem within 40minutes or to list the places Justin Bieber visited over the past 3 years (either u're part of the clever nerds or you're part of the funny blonds), etc. At last u need to make the washing for the Apocalypse's Christmas dinner taking place every year on a cruise ship. After all we're just a bunch of rich spoiled kids aren't we?

    And of course a big welcome to Clan A and Eclipse in our big family!!!
  10. PS: if not an apocalypse urself, don't trust anyone unless u can see their right toe
  11. #nospellcheck #nofilter #nobrain
  12. Welcome to ✯Á̸PØĆ̸Ậ̸ŁұPS Ξ✯, Clan A and Eclipse!?
  13. Sigh. You are as dumb and stupid as the enemy. Can you please show us your main? And to set you little pansy straight, our main is indeed for retired members. You know why? No? Then shut the hell up and get good while I tell you. You see our main is... actually nevermind I'm going to go and get back to "smashing" your clannies. While you winge and complain on forums. Enjoy.

    Now back to the purpose of this thread, Congratulations Eclipse and Clan A! We are very happy to have you join our ranks and look forward to all the wars ahead and memories!

  14. Welcome to family Clan and Eclipse
  15. What does this say?
    Á̸PØĆ̸Ậ̸ŁұPSΞ - The Aliance
    ศຮ໒ཛསຮར๑ས - KotFE Ascension?
    CƦ - Chaos Reborn
    ҜøɫƑƎ - Knights of the Fire Emblem (Retired accounts?)
    ṨĦṨ- ???
    ₩λƦŁØƦ - Warlor
    ĦØG - Heart of Gold
    /Ḗི₵ེḶྂḮ₱ཽႽྃ྆Ể - Eclipse
    ĆŁλÑ - Clan A

    I thought there were more, or are you limited by a character count on banners?

  16. Yes KotFE Ascension
    KotFE is a family of clans
    SHS Is Spartan Hit Squad -HiT+TS Merge
    WoG/DoJ left
    TS and HiT merged
  17. Yay, welcome to the family, Clan A and Eclipse
  18. Nice thread vix