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  1. Training to become a firefighter/fireman. Don't you worry lil buddy!
  2. Thanks for the Warm Welcome guys Clan A is glad to officially join our long time friends

    ⚔ ♚ÇLᎯƝ Ꭿ 下丹爪工ㄥㄚ♚ ⚔ ༺Á̸P☣ĆẬ̸ŁұPS Ξ༻ ⚔ ☠CƦ/ҜøɫƑƎ/ṨĦṨ/ᎦᎬ/₩λƦŁØƦ/ĦØG/Ḗི₵ེḶྂḮ₱ཽႽྃ྆Ể/ĆŁλÑ☠

    (I'm sure Vex will appreciate the banner post)
  3. Welcome to the Apocalypse fam Eclipse and Clan A.

    Nice thread Vixy!

    ངཞ Fam
  4. Welcome to the fam *fist pump* ;)
  5. Hurry for the non nubs! WildWarrior I will eat you.
  6. Lit what? Just got my degree! I'm coming ovah with my extinguisher buddyyy!
  7. KotFE Main is used for people who are basically retiring, that's why it's not active.

    Learn things before you say things, please :)
  8. Welcome to the family Clan A and Eclipse
    You tried the rest now your with the best
  9. This is the gayest thing I've seen since Nighthawk chatting up children. #NoAccusations #OnlyTruth
  10. Wait until Eclipse takes over because all of apocalypse are fan girls over them :lol: #Eclipseferleader2k16
  11. Was going to post, thought maybe I was too drunk, decided you can never be too drink...

    No. Better off where you were. Good luck.
  12. Oh wow. I'm so drunk. I'll post on a tap tap game becuz why nut ermagerd look at my grammur and wir heh. yh i dun liek that u change over. moov bck?

    What the guy above said *moonface* #It'sJustAPrankBro #InTheHood #GoneWild
  13. I have yalls full banner :/
    Plz stop giving us teh banner :/
  14. ^ see. :/
  15. Ermagerd now we can just copy and paste dis in our bannerz and gettin to apoc clans and be spiesssss! oh whoops. Sorry zaft, did i give away your plan? heh kk
  16. You will 'bare' it all?
  17. It was spelling, not grammar and a typo at that. Run along.
  18. It is gramma when all your commas etc are correct. tis joke anyway u am triggered? lel run away figgy piggy
  19. Sorry, missed the punchline. Ha ha