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  1. Welcome to the family.
  2. Support! Ş℘ąřŧą ɛٳıŧɛѧpoċѧʟʏpsє Ćř/Ҡơŧʄɛ/ŧM/ṨĦṨ/Şɛ/ɯąřٳơř/ɧơɠḖི₵ེḶྂḮ₱ཽႽྃ྆ỂĆŁλÑ
  3. Both Clan A and Eclipse have been my friends and HiT allys for a very long time. Really happy to have you both officially part of the family

    Was well worth the twerking video payment 
  4. We here at Clan A Family, are incredibly proud and happy to be a part of this awesome group, it's been a long time coming.

    It was the secret apoc decoder rings and the official apoc bathrobes, with extra skulls and flames on them, that we couldn't pass up. Mine has "I'm batman" in script on the back. I'm pretty pumped about that TBH.

    We Put the  in ✯Á̸PØĆ̸Ậ̸ŁұPS Ξ✯
  5. Welcome to the family guys n girls hopefully meet more of you over the next few months 
  6. Welcome welcome welcome! 
  7. Welcome Eclipse and Clan A! 
  8. The trouble to keep clans active especially when you have more than one is a trouble for ALL, regardless of OSW or just EB clan. Incase you haven't noticed, there's no new players and everyone's quitting.
  9. You guys are cool and old but I find copy and pasting that alliance thing so often is kinda pathetic.
  10. It's an honor to call you family and fight along side each other..clanA support
  11. Lol what does posting your banners over and over achieve
  12. Welcome to the family! Glad to have you!!
  13. Disappointed in you Vix.

    Where's the damn nipple pictures?

    I expect a nipple tassle party next time I visits you :roll: smh ^.^
  14. haha of course

    complete with dancing Vos and a singing Smokey ;)
  15. This is how Vixy looks like right now..

  16. Well done Vix A big welcome to Eclipse and Clan A
    ✯Á̸PØĆ̸Ậ̸ŁұPS Ξ✯
    The fire will keep burning 
  17. Welcome to the family!
  18. ✯Á̸PØĆ̸Ậ̸ŁұPS Ξ✯
    Welcome to the family 
  19. Exactly lmao
  20. Wouldn't be the first time a kotfe member was exposed for having no nipples.

    Dirty mutants.