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  1. Looking forward to smashing people? You guys are gross. You should be put in prison.

  2. Oh look... A statless alt.

  3. So should the majority of rappers 

    ✯Á̸PØĆ̸Ậ̸ŁұPS Ξ✯ ☠CƦ/ҜøɫƑƎ/ṨĦṨ/ᎦᎬ/₩λƦŁØƦ/ĦØG/Ḗི₵ེḶྂḮ₱ཽႽྃ྆Ể/ĆŁλÑ☠
  4. Welcome to the fam ✌️️
  5. Oh look... what I stated is still a fact that you can't disprove. :lol:
  6. Not really relevant why they merged, casualties happen in war, it's how you adapt that counts.

    How's zaft anarchy doing btw?

    You chose to comment on here on a statless alt. That alone proves that you must be scared of something.
  7. ศຮ໒ཛསຮར๑ས༺Á̸PØĆ̸Ậ̸ŁұPSΞ༻☠CƦ/ҜøɫƑƎ/ṨĦṨ/ᎦᎬ/₩λƦŁØƦ/ĦØG/Ḗི₵ེḶྂḮ₱ཽႽྃ྆Ể/ĆŁλÑ☠
  8. Lol Rio.

    Vix, what an amazing thread!!

    Clan A Family, Eclipse, it is great to have you with us. It can mean only the best for Apoc.
    1000% Support.
  9. It's not relevant why I am posting with an alt.

    Tell me how KotFE is doing with the merging. It must be a blow to the ego to not be able to keep all clans active.

  10. Not unless you're a complete moron. We have 2 (not during blitz) top 30 clans and another not far behind. So no.. There is no blow to the ego.

    Like I said, there are casualties in war, some get fed up, some get bored, RL gets in the way for some.

    Atleast were not afraid to post with our mains.
  11. Gotta love when it's an opponents clan crumbling, dissolving or merging it's completely justified, but not when it's an Apoc clan.

    Hypocrisy at its finest :lol:

    Great thread Vix
  12. Please correct me if I am mistaken. I don't feel like searching walls or the forums for a direct quote. I recall reading Apoc talking trash to Zaft for going to Fury for LB purposes. It sounds like you have merged to chase the LB. Is that not hypocritical? Do you need to appear on the LB to pretend you have not been weakened?
  13. Lolwut
  14. Support.


    ཐ།˻͝ʹ͜ ˓͜˓≬ཋྀངཞ Dཞཐཾgབསཐི≬˒͜ʹ͜˻͝ །ཋ
  15. Welcome to the family 

    ☠☢Ҝȫ̤ṭྂƒÉ͛ ᖇᏋᏰᏋLLIᎧN☣️☠️༺Á̸P☣Ć̸Ậ̸Ł༒ཾPṨ̸Ξ༻ ☠CƦ/ṨĦṨ/ᎦᎬ/₩λƦŁØƦ/ĦØG/Ḗི₵ེḶྂḮ₱ཽႽྃ྆Ể/ĆŁλÑ️☠
  16. Happy to be a part of the fam! Great folks, great clans, good wars. Kaw = life, and good fam and good opponents make it so much more fun.
  17. Welcome to the family nice thread Vix
  18. Welcome to Apocalypse, Clan A and Eclipse!! The weak hands have been shed for potent additions to the family. Looking forward to warring with you in the trenches by our side.


    ฟαя£๑я ς๑υиςi£✯Á̸PØĆ̸Ậ̸ŁұPS Ξ✯ ☠CƦ/ҜøɫƑƎ/ṨĦṨ/ᎦᎬ/₩λƦŁØƦ/ĦØG/Ḗི₵ེḶྂḮ₱ཽႽྃ྆Ể/ĆŁλÑA☠