ЩЯ∂ɬサ øʄ Gøժ

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  1. I want a beef bliss burger
  2. Sooooooooo.
    Can i Have a BLT on rye bread, not buttered, toasted ever so slighty with the freshest hand pick tomatoes and the "best"(insert trump meme) water fed lettuce, indulged by happy farm's raised baby cows (feed by happy farms cow milk), sliced 1000 times (to death) to release the benevolent flavors of torture and slow death on my slain creatures flesh. And the quality must be "amazing" or i will eat it and not pay due to lack of quality

  3. Great Clan Great People Support!!
  4. Wonderful people and such a great clan that has great opportunities for players.
  5. Great thread.. best wishes
  6. ЩЯ∂ɬサ øʄ Gøժ
  7. Still have some openings available
  8. Pretty awesome looking thread, good luck recruiting!
  9. I am the best, noob clan you are, farm me if you can noobs
  10. Are You Fired Up Yet
  11. Any recruit clan for smaller stats?
  12. Yes
    That is a clan for smaller stat kingdoms
  13. Best of luck.
  14. ЩЯ∂ɬサ øʄ Gøժ