ЩЯ∂ɬサ øʄ Gøժ

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  1. Thank you Moe. Post looks great.
    WoG has never been stronger and more fun than it is today!!
    A true old school clan, that loves growth and war!!
    We look forward to many new great members as we continue to grow as a family

    And if you do not meet the minimum standards feel free to follow any leader/admin as we r growing our sub clan as well
  2. Awesome thread moe
  3. Awesome thread moe!

    Great family and proud to be WoG

    ЩЯ∂ɬサ øʄ Gøժ
  4. Awesome job Moe 
  5. On my small phone screen I have to drag the pictures left and right to read everything.
    The comic book style always looks awesome for clan threads tho, nicely done.
  6. Awesome job support great clan!
  7. Imgfit pls
  8. Looks great Moe ️️.
  9. Support! Looks amazing.. great story... great clan..
  10. Beautiful thing 
  11. Proud to be a member. Good laughs good times a true awesome clan
  12. Must refrain from saying anything bad

    Nyce Thread
  13. Cool clan, support 
  14. Support
    I stop by one day.
  15. Nice artwork guys.

  16. I support this.