Ode 2 Red Apherion (Jump on this poetry bandwagon meow)

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  1. Once I went searching for the city of the dead
    In the moonless night
    I stopped for a rest

    A soft glowing mist around me started to spread
    Filling my heart
    with ghostly dread

    Then with a scream, appeared Apheriun's head
    Seized me with his bony hands,
    he direly said

    I'll give you the event items you covet
    But with my fair ethereal daughter
    you must wed

    We lived with passion but our love was sad
    So on another moonless night
    I left her and fled

    But vengeful Apheriun never forgets
    And he caught up with me and
    severed my neck

    Dear reader, my story as you have just read
    Don't forget to check for ephemeral fiends,
    under your bed
  2. I love you ashes
  3. Actually amazing
  4. So beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes.
  5. Ashes you are the most brilliant person on Earth. Never stop. ️
  6. Aella is sexy
  7. Red Apherion: A Divorce Poem

    Hte, oh how i loved you so
    You used to make me so much dough
    But hte clans are slowly dying
    Belive me Apherion we are trying

    But with Zta out you're not as good
    I don't hit you as much as i would
    My love pvp pays me so much more
    You don't hit back and its a bore

    Maybe one day we can fall in love again
    But until that day i must call this the end.
  8. Damn Grave.. that's cold.. that stings.. and that's really gud
  9. Stings like shampoo in your eyes lol
  10. I used to have some stables
    I really thought they're great
    Hit cover of the night with sleeping potions
    Like it was my very first date

    Then I got Rekted on Reck
    Tentacle regens up my ass
    But my first equip was the best
    I got first base with netherrealm breasts

    Once I got big for Haunts
    My LB (back then) goal was near
    Gotta hit the seals my dear

    Couldn't get the bow for a year
    Never get on wc with beers
    Second base was in osw
    Got naked and shed some tears

    Red aperion appeared and spoke
    Where's my damn castle code?
    Took money from all of us female dogs
    He went warbeasts on our cave of riches

    Now I'm just a zombie Kaw player
    Chasing events and wishing on glory days
    Wall me for some unicorn RP please
    I still haven't gotten laid!

  11. That made my eyes leak liquid
  12. Singing in the shower is all good until you get shampoo in your mouth..

    Then it becomes a soap opera
  13. Ashes always goes that extra mile for us to keep us all happy and he never dissapoints . Marvelous work Ashes !
  14. You're the man homie. Epic as always! Never a dull moment when you're active in forums, buddy! Keep up the good work! You woulda been VK years ago if it was up to me...
  15. 'Old man Apheriun!' scream the children,
    Still full of youth, energy, life, and time.
    For them, the haggard sprite is a villain,
    A joke! A fool! cast away in his prime.
    These noobs know nought of the days he was king!
    Before the shadows of the Zoma rose
    When alas! dawned a new era of bling
    And Apheriun turned to a ghost,
    Both of mind as well as his poor spirit.
    So, prithee, do not mock our dear old soul,
    For it once took mighty strength to clear it.
    But now, Old Man Apheriun walks with his rusty bowl
    Begging for kind strangers to break seals
    Until ZTA arrives, when he goes home to no meals.
  16. That's so sad Pingu
  17. I find that all of our once former EB enemies have become our much loved friends now that we have outgrown them and cast them aside for bigger and better EBs.

    Nowadays, I can't do a 'To The Chamber' EB without weeping at the soldiers I am needlessly assassinating.
    They were only doing their jobs protecting those keys! They must have families I can write to apologizing that the reason daddy can't come home to-night, after just his first day on the job, is because I wanted a plunder bonus for a period of time

  18. Omg I love big red!!!
  19. Lots of truth here tbh
  20. Good job. Loved it!!!!